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About Us

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Why we exist

Keteka exists to create global empathy, build connections, and foster empowerment through access to life-changing trips

Keteka is where travelers go to find, plan, and book genuine off-the-beaten path experiences

Who we are

Keteka was founded by Peace Corps Volunteers who believe travel creates better human beings. Through connections with the Peace Corps Network, Keteka provides unprecedented access to genuine, perspective-altering, soul-stirring trips.

Keteka offers 1500+ experiences across Latin America that allow travelers to feel, see, taste, hear, smell, and understand like never before. Keteka vets all experiences to ensure safety, quality, and shared value creation for travelers, groups, and local communities.

What We Do

Keteka is where travelers go to find, plan and book, the most genuine travel experiences available worldwide with validated, local guides who are empowered to make a living doing what they love.

What makes us different

Local Experts

Access a closed network of thousands of local experts specialized in remote community development.

Vetted Experiences

Choose from 1500+ experiences validated for safety, quality, and values.

Online Accessibility

Browse locations, tours, and activities previously inaccessible online.

Community Empowerment

Get closer to people, culture, and history while empowering local communities.

How we got our name

“Keteka” means “to get close to” in Ngäberre, an indigenous Panamanian language spoke in the community where a Keteka founder worked. The name reflects what Keteka aims to do – bring each traveler closer to the people, culture, and history of the country they are experiencing.

Begin your journey to get closer.

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