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Our Impact

Our Theory of Change

Local guides possess unique knowledge that enables them to provide travelers with genuine travel experiences. Lack of resources and low computer literacy among guides, however, reduce the visibility of such experiences online. This ultimately limits traveler exposure, decreases tourism, and caps local benefits.

Keteka leverages a global network of experts to find, validate, and onboard local guides and experiences onto an online marketplace.

Keteka’s model drives more dollars to guides, impacting grassroots entrepreneurship, community-wide income, and overall quality of life.

How Your Booking Makes an Impact

Keteka drives more capital to guides, empowering locals and their communities.

Keteka leverages a global network of local experts in order to find, validate and onboard local guides and experiences into an online marketplace. By giving travelers direct access to local guides, traveler dollars directly impact local guide income, and support local grassroots entrepreneurship. Success leads to an increase in community-wide income, and an overall improved quality of life.

Our model flips the existing tours and activities market in favor of the local operators. Before founding Keteka, we worked on community tourism projects in Panama as Peace Corps volunteers. We quickly discovered that tour resellers (like agencies, cruise ships, and hotels) tend to take a gigantic percentage of the tour revenue – often up to 90% – leaving the communities to do most of the work and receive a small part of the benefit.

Operators that work with Keteka get 80-100% of the tour revenue, instead of 10-50%. Additionally, we choose operators based on targeted areas that will have more local impact. This means a combination of operators that are off the beaten path, and local operators that are in high traffic tourist areas that have substantiated their commitment to both responsible, sustainable travel practices, and providing incredible value to the traveler.