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Chile Ecotourism

Ecotourism Adventures in Chile, responsible tourism in Patagonia, Lake district, Atacama and even in Santiago

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One of the main goals of Keteka is to encourage responsible, sustainable travel by providing tours that are eco-friendly and economically beneficial to local communities. Help conserve Chile’s unique natural beauty and get to know the people by partaking in our experiences that take the country’s well-being into mind. From the north to the south of one of the longest countries in the world, we have weaved a network of local entrepreneurs that offer a number of responsible travel activities for our customers.

While in Chile, be sure to experience the indigenous Mapuche culture with a local guide. Take part in our Mapuche community day trip in which you will experience the native culture and participate in activities such as hiking, rappelling, kayaking, and climbing the picturesque peaks. If you’re up for the challenge, completely immerse yourself by spending a few nights in a local homestay. Similarly, travelers can take part in our Araucania Pewenche experience and explore beautiful mountain villages, all while learning more about the local heritage and traditional cuisine.

For a sustainable travel experience, hop on one of our tours that feature alternative forms of transportation both on land and sea. Kayak through the Straits of Magellan or paddle amongst whales in a protected marine park in Patagonia. To travel by land, join our day-long e-bike tour to explore Santiago’s abundant city parks. For the hardcore bikers, take the adventure of a lifetime and spend two weeks cycling the Carrera Austral through southern Chile.

Encouraging ecotourism is one of our most important goals as responsible tour providers. Choose any of the above experiences for a sustainable option!

USD $845.00 Per Person
USD $4,316.00USD $5,304.00 Per Person

Chile, Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region

Mapuche Culture and Community 3 Day Tour

USD $146.00 Per Person