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Placencia Tours

Experience the Caribbean and Garifuna Culture on this "Island Accessible by Road"

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 Placencia at a Glance

Situated in the Stann Creek District is one of Belize’s most sought-out destinations: the southern peninsula of Placencia, often described as an “island accessible by road.” Placencia is home to a plethora of activities and beautiful sights ready to amaze you. Whether you are looking for maritime activities, nature sightseeing, touring ancient Mayan ruins, or simply relaxing under a palm tree, this peninsula has a charm that everybody will fall for.

 History and Culture

This Caribbean peninsula was first settled by Mayans. You can still see the evidence of this ancient civilization through the beautiful ruins they left behind. The region was named Punta Placencia (Pleasant Point) around the 17th century by the Spaniards traveling south.

Since then, various foreign and native cultures have mixed to form fascinating and unique new regional cultures. For instance, Seine Bight is a small fishing village to the north of Placencia Village. Seine Bight was first settled in 1869 by the Garifunas, descendants of indigenous Carib Indians and Africans. The blending of the two cultures resulted in unique musical and culinary traditions that continue to this day.

 Where to stay in Placencia


  • Sailfish Resort: New resort located on the Placencia Lagoon side of the peninsula. 3 minutes away from Placencia Village, with swimming pool and things for rent such as bikes and kayaks.
  • Serenade Hotel: Quaint hotel located in the center of Placencia Village.


  • Ranguana Caye Cabanas: Private island hotel 19 miles (30 km) from Placencia with sea views, barbecue, bar, and restaurant.
  • Mariposa Beach Resort: Bed and breakfast with ocean views. Independently owned and operated by a retired Canadian couple. With a restaurant, pool, pool bar, and full-time chef.
  • Robert’s Grove Beach Resort:  Oceanside resort with suites and marina villas. The resort has a seaside spa, a full-service marina, and a 5-star dive shop.
  • The Green Parrot Beach Houses: Offers 8 individual beach cabanas with bar, restaurant, and pool.


  • Chabil Mar: Oceanfront luxury villas with beachfront restaurant. Five minutes away from Placencia Village.
  • The Belize Ocean Club Resort: Luxury resort located in Maya Beach with seaside balconies for each room and a gourmet restaurant.

 When is the best time to visit Placencia

Thanks to its tropical location, Belize has good weather all year round. However, for the warmest temperatures, we recommend traveling between mid-December and mid-April.

 What to Do in Placencia

Placencia and its surroundings have a myriad of activities. If you enjoy historical attractions, you’ll love visiting the ancient Mayan ruins of Nim Li Punit, Lubantuum, and more. The Mayans had 14 settlements around the lagoon.

The peninsula is also a haven for water sports fans, as it is next to the famous southern reef, known as a mecca of scuba diving and snorkeling. Moreover, you can enjoy a relaxing fishing trip, as most of the local communities were originally fishing villages.

To get a peek at more wildlife, including some of the last jaguars in Central America, you can cruise the pristine Monkey River or hike inland in the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Reserve.

 The Keteka difference

Keteka grants access to authentic activities run by local tour operators and guides. You can book and secure your place in advance, and we will take care of everything else. We’ll let you know where to go or where you will be picked up and at what time.

 How to get to Placencia

There are several options depending on where you are coming from:

The peninsula is 160 miles (257 km) from Belize City and is accessible by road. The most economical option is to take a bus from Belize City. However, private shuttles and local taxis are available from anywhere in Belize.  Furthermore, if you want to get there on your own, we recommend renting an SUV.

It is possible to take domestic flights to Placencia from any airstrip in the country with the two companies Tropic Air and Maya Island Air. There are several flights throughout the early morning and evening. It takes about 35 minutes to fly from Belize City to Placencia.

There are several ferries between Mango Creek and Placencia, operating between 6:30 am and 16:30 pm, with a cost of 10 Belize dollars ($5 USD) per person. Similarly, you can board a ferry from Harvest Caye for 40 Belize dollars ($20 USD) round-trip.