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Bolivia Tours

Bolivia means adventure: take authentic tours with communities and experience the country first hand

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Bolivia Tours: Adventure Awaits

Bolivia at a Glance

With one of the greatest levels of biodiversity in the world, Bolivia is a country not to be missed. From the Andes to the Amazon and everything in between, Bolivia is an adventurer’s dream. Three different geological regions, the Andean region, Sub-Andean region, and Llanos region, are home to some of the highest spots in the Americas, the largest lake in South America, the largest salt flat in the world, and extensive rain forests. Keteka’s Bolivia tours are the best way to experience all the authentic travel available in this

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Ethnicity and Indigenous Culture

There are approximately three dozen native groups that make up 59% of the Bolivian population –– the largest proportion of indigenous people in Latin America. The largest group are the Quechuas (2.5 million), closely followed by the Aymaras (2 million), the Chiquitano (180,000) and finally the Guaraní (125,000). If you’re trying to brush up on native languages, Bolivia is a great place to go. While Spanish is an official language, there are also 36 other officially recognized languages. Don’t worry though, Spanish is spoken by 88% of the population, so you can get by with a few “holas” and “gracias.”

The Keteka Difference

Our favorite part of traveling is being part of a local community and gaining a new perspective – that’s what we strive to provide for you. Our tours aren’t your run-of-the-mill Bolivian trek or adventure to the Amazon. We let you build your own hut in the Amazon, fish for your own food, and learn from a local shaman in our Amazon Experiential Retreat. With our Adventure Weekend, you can rappel, hike, and raft around the jungles of Chapare with local guides. If you’re interested in something a little more low-key, we have a tour led by a Bolivian through the vibrant city of Cochabamba. You can visit the famous witch-market, old colonial cathedrals, the best museums, and ‘El Cristo de La Concordia’ with Keteka’s Cochabamba City Tour and Museums Tour. Check paragliding through Bolivia off of your bucket list with a team of experts – just be sure the send us the pictures. From Salt flat tours to ziplining, hiking, and colonial villages, Keteka’s Bolivia tours are sure to give you the inside scoops on a fascinating country. Start your adventure today.