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Brazil Tours

Get closer to the people and culture of this amazing country

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Brazil at a Glance

The largest country in South America, Brazil is a draw for tourists all over the world. From the hot streets of Rio to the Iguazu waterfalls and rainforest, white sandy beaches, and the Amazon, Brazil has it all. Keteka’s Brazil tours are the best way to get an authentic experience in a tourist-laden town.

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Brazilian Culture

One of the 5 largest countries in the world, Brazil has many different regions and a mixture of cultures. Known for music like samba, bossa nova, MPB, and funk, Brazil will have you dancing ‘till the morning. With a rich and complicated history, there are a myriad of activities, traditions, and cultures in Brazil. From capoeira, a martial art that doubles as a dance and a game, to soccer, or futebol as the Brazilians say, this country will keep you on your toes. Keteka tours can help you emerge into local culture to experience all that Brazil has to offer.

Brazil Tours

Need some sand between your toes? Our Rio beach tours trip can help you out – from Copacabana, Bottles Alley, São Conrado Beach, and Ipanema, you will see the most iconic beaches (and alleys) in Rio! After all those beaches, you will certainly want some authentic Brazilian food. What better than an Afro-Brazilian food workshop? A local chef teaches you all about Afro-Brazilian cuisine and you get to enjoy a distinctly Brazilian meal. To continue learning about Afro-Brazilian culture, our Candomble tour gives you a glimpse into a traditional Brazilian religious ceremony. If you have heard all about Brazilian favelas, but don’t want to walk through them alone, our tours can take you the German Complex favela or the Rocinha and Vidigal favelas. While there, you can learn all about the unique history and culture of these favelas. Don’t leave Rio before dancing, though! Our tours can take you to the best samba in the city – you will leave feeling like a true Brazilian.

The Keteka Difference

Rio de Janeiro is a big city with a lot to offer. With Keteka, we find the most authentic tours to help you immerse into the local culture and environment. We aim for you to experience the best that Brazil has to offer, like chocolate tasting, Christ the Redeemer, and samba, in the best way possible, with locals on authentic tours. Our tours give you the chance to forego the tourist traps and experience the real Brazil – what are you waiting for?