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Costa Rica Activities

Live unique experiences while benefiting local communities.

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Costa Rica Tourism At A Glance:

The beautifully biodiverse country of Costa Rica stands as the top visited country in all of Latin America boasting a record of over 2.3 million visitors during the timespan of a year. Playing host to seven different natural world wonders, Costa Rica is a natural treasure chest full of biodiversity. From the scenic islands of Cocos Island to the clear and long winding rivers of Celeste River, Costa Rica is one of the most attractive destinations of nature loving travelers. With the ‘Pura Vida’ slogan of Costa Ricans, travelers are welcomed and immediately embraced by the ‘Pura Vida’ environment, embracing the tranquility and ‘slowness’ of the Costa Rican lifestyle while being swept away by the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

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Being one of the top visited countries in all of Latin America, Costa Rica’s eco-tourism is a booming and growing industry. 23.4% of Costa Rica’s land is covered by dense greenery and has one of the most extensive national parks system in the Central America area. Over half of international tourists partake in eco-touristic activities while in Costa Rica! Famed for its dense cloud forests in Monteverde and La Fortuna, many travelers leave the country with a new-found respect for nature as the amount of biodiversity in Costa Rica is absolutely overwhelming.

The Keteka Difference

Imagine yourself surrounded by the local indigenous Bribri tribe drinking the raw form of cacao (which is the base for chocolate) in a circle trading culture and stories while listening to the rushing wind that bristles through the multitude of towering trees. Keteka offers tours that will take you from the regular tourist traps and offer you the most authentic and local experiences that nobody else can offer. Enjoy the real-side of travel with us today and experience incredible and unforgettable moments that you will carry forever.