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Mexico Tours

Authentic activities & experiences in Mexico

Adventurous, authentic, and off-the-beaten-path experiences in Mexico!

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Mexico is the sixth largest country in the Americas with over 120 million people. Ranking first in the Americas for the number of UNESCO World Heritage sites it hosts, Mexico is known for its rich culture and history. Mexico tours can take you to the exciting Aztec ruins, colonial towns, as well as stunning beaches and natural scenery.

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Mexico Tours and Travel at a Glance

Naturally Mexico has a reputation for epic beaches with Cancun being one of the most popular party destinations for those heading abroad for Spring Break. However along with plenty of party opportunities, it hosts stunning, and slightly more secluded, islands, coves, and beaches which regular travelers are known to love. Divided by the Tropic of Cancer, Mexico’s climate is one of the most diverse in the world, with seasonal changes affecting the north of the parallel making it slightly cooler in Winter, and the south of the parallel enjoying fairly constant (elevation dependant) warm weather.

Culture and History

Mexico was home to a diverse range of Mesoamerican people and cultures, most famously the Aztec and Mayan empires. One of the largest Mesoamerican cities, Teotihuacan, hosted the largest and most archaeologically significant pyramids in the pre-Columbian Americas and these can still be explored today. In the 16th Century, the Spanish led by Cortés came and overthrew the Aztec empire, beginning a 300-year long period of colonial rule, the influence of which can be seen even now in modern culture and architecture.

The Keteka Difference

We like to ensure that when travelers take part in our experiences you have not only an unforgettable experience, but also an experience that remembers you. As you get to know the local community and learn more about history and culture, we want you to be able to do more to contribute to the people and places you meet should you wish. On our Inheritance of a Living Earth tour, not only will you have incredible experiences visiting mountain villages, learning about local farming and food produce, and hike through stunning forests, you can also volunteer to work in the local greenhouse. As you work alongside the villagers, you will get a better understanding of what life and the conservation efforts undertaken really mean for the local community, and can also give back and contribute to the people and places that leave you with such fond memories.