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Merida Tours

Discover the wonderful region of Yucatan from Merida

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USD $295.00 Per Person
USD $85.00 Per Person
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Cancún & Playa del Carmen, Merida, Mexico

Chichen Itza Day Trip from Merida to Riviera Maya

USD $82.00 Per Person
USD $112.00 Per Person

Merida, Mexico

City Tour Merida

USD $44.00 Per Person
USD $102.00 Per Person
USD $66.00 Per Person
USD $85.00 Per Person
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Merida, Mexico

Merida Uxmal Bike Tour

USD $118.00 Per Person
USD $118.00 Per Person
USD $119.00 Per Person

Merida, Mexico

Sunset Kayak Merida

USD $57.00 Per Person
USD $54.00 Per Person
USD $473.00 Per Person
USD $480.00 Per Person
USD $438.00 Per Person

 Merida at a Glance

Merida was once among the wealthiest, a city of underground freshwater caves, and has become the cultural centre of the Yucatan Peninsula. This city has redefined the concept of authenticity.

The peace of this city and the beauty of its streets make it a place of elegance and contrast with its colonial houses. You can also admire Mayan ruins and the architecture of the city, and enjoy an exquisite gastronomic heritage that will take over your taste.

The Plaza Mayor is a vibrant meeting place where locals enjoy traditional beverages such as champola or sorbet. Go there to experience a true local moment!

History and Culture

Merida’s cultural effervescence was born after its fantastic history, but the city was not always a good place to visit. Built on the Mayan city of T’ho, Merida was the home of the conquistadors, who tried to eradicate its culture.

The city has (literally) enclosed itself to protect its residents from Mayan revolts and has managed to stop the annihilation of its culture.

Today, Merida is a metropolis full of historical architecture that is ready to participate in the excitement of the 21st century. Also known as the White City – because of its limestone buildings – Merida was home to many millionaires in the early 20th century, when local residents began trading the henequen plant.

Merida is also a great place in terms of taste: the city is renowned for its cuisine, which remains mainly traditional, with dishes such as cochinita pibil and panuchos.

 Where to stay in Merida

Budget: Casa “La Huerta” – Lovely guest-house in the city centre with a friendly owner and spacious bedrooms.

Mid-range: Kuka y Naranjo – Comfortable hotel in the heart of the city. You can get all the information you need to visit Merida and its surroundings.

Splurge: El Palacito Secreto – Beautiful roman-style quality hotel located in a hidden street of the city centre. Enjoy the stunning setting of the hotel and its luxurious garden!

 When is the best time to visit Merida

Merida’s hot and humid climate leaves plenty of room for the sun. The warmest months are March to September, with an average temperature of 33ºC (91°F), with temperatures often exceeding 38ºC (100°F), while the minimum is around 21ºC (70°F)  on average.

Although the rainy season predominates between June and October, travelers in Merida have nothing to worry about – the rain is hot because of the city’s low elevation. Please be aware that tropical storms are more frequent during summer months.

 What to Do in Merida

You can walk on the Paseo de Montejo or in the Plaza Grande, where you will somehow walk along the road of memories. Paseo de Montejo is an unceasing parade of historical splendours where you can stop to smell the roses. The city’s main square, the Plaza Grande, is a vibrant place filled with museums, markets and the Merida Cathedral, one of the oldest in the New World.

Filled with underground caves of fresh water and Mayan ruins, Merida offers adventures that are off the beaten track. Attractions in the region include Chichen Itza and Uxmal, two UNESCO World Heritage sites, which you can visit while lodging in Merida.

Take a day tour to visit each of these sites, which have gigantic structures renowned as the most faithful witnesses of ancient Mayan culture.

You can also visit a cenote and perhaps even dive into it. These naturally formed wells are scattered throughout Yucatan. Their turquoise waters are held back by the walls of the caves. X’Batun Cenote, near Merida, is the ideal place to dive and admire the richness of the flora, both on and under the water.

The Keteka difference

Keteka grants access to authentic activities run by local tour operators and guides. You can book and secure your place in advance, and we will take care of everything else. We’ll let you know where to go or where you will be picked up and at what time.

 How to get to Merida

Land – You can rent a car and visit the region by yourself or arrive by bus from Cancún. The journey takes 4 hours and cost around 250 MXN (= $13). There are also direct buses from Mexico City but due to a very long distance, the journey takes around 20 hours.

Air – Merida has an international airport with flights from/to the U.S., Canada, as well as major Mexican cities such as Mexico City and Monterrey. A flight from Mexico City takes around 2 hours.