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Nicaragua Tours

Authentic Activities & Tours in Nicaragua with Local Guides & Communities

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Known for its beautiful volcanoes, lakes and beaches, Nicaragua has much to offer those seeking an off the beaten path adventure. Whether you are looking to hike, camp, visit a rural coffee community, or simply relax on the beach, our Nicaragua tours are sure to provide a fulfilling experience during your trip in Central America.

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Nicaragua Tours and Travel at a Glance:

Nicaragua is a traveler’s paradise as it provides a wealth of natural beauty and diversity whilst still remaining relatively untouched. If you’re looking for stunning sand and a place to surf, you can find secluded beaches which provide you a great opportunity for different watersports. Famed for its national parks and ecological diversity, there are a number of biosphere and eco reserves where unusual wildlife species can be found, such as the three toed sloth. There are nearly 20 different volcanos in Nicaragua, some still active and many of which you can even board down! Along with this, they are surrounded by beautiful lakes and cloud forests, giving way to unique vegetation and birdlife. With fascinating political and cultural history, cities like Granada and León are renowned for the colonial influence on their architecture. For both adventure seekers and those wanting to simply relax, Nicaragua is the ideal spot to take a break from urban life.

Colonial Towns:

Colonial architecture is is prevalent in many cities throughout Nicaragua, such as in the beautiful Granada, where a timeless atmosphere combined with stunning architecture rich in history means it’s likened to the ‘Paris of Central America’. It’s worth taking the time to visit, as the combination of cobbled streets and courtyards so close to natural beauty of nearby volcanos and Lake Nicaragua give it a real colonial feel whilst still retaining and authentic Latin vibe. León is another colonial town, known as the intellectual capital of the country and also home to the Cathedral of León, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2011. Full of fascinating history, the Lonely Planet tells us “many people fall in love with Granada, but most of them leave their heart in León”.

Geography and Nature:

The country is divided into three main regions, the Mosquito Coast, Amerrisque Mountains, and Pacific Lowlands. Don’t be put off by the name of the Caribbean coast, it derives from the local Native American ethnic group, the Miskito Amerindians. The Amerrisque mountains form a central spine running through the centre of the country, for about 700km, and include some of the well known coffee plantations and organic farms that the country is so famous for. The Pacific Lowlands are home to the most diverse ecological areas, such as the UNESCO World Heritage biosphere, Bosawás Reserve. Here you can trek through cloud forests to visit stunning waterfalls in the second largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere, after the Amazon.

The Keteka Difference:

We specifically ensure that all of our tours benefit the local community, are eco-friendly, and support sustainable tourism. In Nicaragua in particular, we have developed some great partnerships with tour operators who run experiences that allow travelers to give back to the community whist having a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity at the same time. Our Impact Driven Nicaragua Service Trip is a great example of this, where you work with children and staff of Las Tías youth center, but also get a chance to meet the CEO of Spark, an NGO which helps manage philanthropic investments in social business. All tours to the untouched area of La Rota share profits with its residents, to protect the volcano’s endangered resources. At the same time, we try to provide something unusual, such as on our Night Tour of Apante Nature Reserve, where you can explore the ‘dark side’ of the forest with a local expert and see sights otherwise hard to come by.