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Azuero Panama Tours

Go one step further and partake in local dressmaking

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At a Glance

The Azuero Peninsula of Panama is the largest peninsula in Southern Panama. With no roads connecting the east and west of the province the eastern side is known for its famous carnival celebration in Las Tablas, and Pedesi which is a small fishing town. The western part of the peninsula is known for cattle ranching, farming, fishing and great beaches for surfing. Azuero Panama tours shows tourists a wild and different side of the pacific coast of Panama. With tourism growing, access to amazing beaches and the rise to farm to table restaurants is pushing businesses in a direction that as the peninsula grows, is trying to keep it as sustainable as they can. In this particular province, due to a large amount of cattle ranching in the past, the land in the province has suffered and it’s not as productive as it once was. However, in the last few years, many organizations have focused on the practice of sustainable cattle ranching and how to create systems that are healthy for both agriculture, cattle and the people who live off the land. The Azuero Panama tours give you a glimpse of the environmental resurgence of the peninsula as it continues to build its new sustainability focused reputation, and takes you to some of the best beaches for surfing and exploring on the Pacific Side.


This area is the epicenter of traditional Panamanian culture, here you find the Santeños full of pride, boasting very typical music, food and dress. One of the Azuero Panama Tours includes learning how to make polleras, the traditional Panamanian dresses used for special occasions throughout the year. The Azuero peninsula is also a major spot for turtle habitats and during egg laying season you can work with organizations to help ensure the safety of the baby turtles as they get ready for incubation. Turtles are a critical part of the habitat of coastal Azuero and it’s part of the mission of the province to continue rebuilding the sustainability of the ecosystems native to the area.

Keteka Difference

Azuero Panama tours with Keteka, give you a closer glimpse of the culture of the Peninsula. Not just through the artisanal work of dressing making, and food but you also get a chance to see places off the beaten path, that make this province such a special place.