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Colon Panama Tours

Off the beaten Path Activities in Colon and Portobelo

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At a Glance

Colon is a province on the caribbean side of Panama. Home to beautiful beaches, Afro-Panamanian culture and the entrance to the Panama Canal this province boasts a completely different side of Panamanian Culture.  Visit historic forts,  the church of the Black Christ or give Afro-Panamanian cuisine a try, there is lots to see on Colon Panama tours, all set to the backdrop of the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.  As a place of historical significance in Panama, there is a lot of history to be discovered in Colon, so get ready to learn about the history of Afro-Panamanian culture of the region, the Panama Canal, and how the landscape and industries have changed throughout the years.   Colon Panama Tours, are great for relaxation and amazing food, so if you are ready to gain a little knowledge about Panama and let is soak in as you drink tropical beverages on beautiful white sand beaches, Colon is for you.

USD $195.00 Per Person

Panama, Panama City, Colón and Portobelo

Panama Canal Train, Colon Forts - Full Day from Panama City

USD $195.00 Per Person
USD $389.00 Per Person
USD $388.00 Per Person

Panama, Panama City, Colón and Portobelo

Portobelo Panama Sea Kayaking & Snorkeling Day

USD $171.00 Per Person
USD $80.00USD $140.00 Per Person

Panama, Colón and Portobelo

Portobelo Panama Tour: A day full of Adventure

USD $195.00 Per Person

Panama, Panama City, Colón and Portobelo

Portobelo and Isla Mamey Full Day Trip

USD $208.00 Per Person

Panama, Panama City, Colón and Portobelo

Isla Grande and Portobelo Day Trip from Panama City

USD $124.00 Per Person


Colon as a province is heavily influenced by afro caribbean culture and you can see it through the people, the music, the art and the food of the province.  It’s a place has been formed by its location on the Caribbean coast, embracing the culture that comes with living along some of the most beautiful beaches in country.  With unlimited access to fresh seafood, coconuts and gorgeous beaches, it is one of the best places to relax.  With a strong uprising of Afro-Panamanian food rising in Panama City with the help of some young chefs from Colon, wanting the city to be able to see and understand the richness of the province, Colon Panama Tours are an amazing way to see the roots of the movement and understand the strength of the communities and cultures.

Keteka Difference

With Keteka Colon Panama tours, you are able to get a more indepth view of Colon Province, to understand the unique culture that exists there and to see places off the beaten path.  With Keteka tours, you get to see the true authenticity of the communities that you are visiting, and receive insight on what a day in the life truly is like.