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Kuna Yala Tours

San Blas & Kuna Yala, activities in the Caribbean

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At a Glance

San Blas & Kuna Yala region are home to beautiful caribbean beaches and the Kuna people. Kuna Yala Tours will take you to discover amazing landscapes & Kuna culture.  Located a few hours outside of Panama City Kuna Yala is an archipelago of over 300 coconut tree lined islands, with white sand beaches, crystal clear Caribbean waters, and traditional Kuna Structures, as this Indigenous group has been successful in remaining autonomous in their comarca, or reservation.  Traveling to Kuna Yala is an Unique experience in Panama, as it is unlike any other province, in the fact that everything that exists is locally owned.   Enjoy the freshest of local cuisines, heavy in seafood and coconut, as well as snorkeling, hammocking hanging and some great naps with the sound of ocean waves in the background.  For a unique tropical island adventure, Kuna Yala tours are your way to go.

USD $1,687.00USD $1,842.00 Per Person

Kuna Yala & San Blas, Panama, Panama City

Panama City to San Blas Sea Kayaking Expedition - 7 Days

USD $2,525.00 Per Person

Kuna Yala & San Blas, Panama

Yandup Island Lodge Trip - 2D1N

USD $367.00USD $595.00 Per Person

Kuna Yala & San Blas, Panama, Panama City

Guna Yala Panama: Full Day Experience

USD $215.00 Per Person

Kuna Yala & San Blas, Panama, Panama City

San Blas Kuna Yala - 5 Day Tour Panama

USD $1,242.00 Per Person


The Kuna indigenous group is the first in Latin American to gain complete autonomy over their reservation.  This has allowed preservation of not only the islands but also Kuna culture, which gives visitors to the Kuna Yala area a unique experience unlike anywhere else.   The homes and other structures on the island are mostly that of thatch roofs and bamboo or other woods as these are materials found around the islands.  A variety of fresh seafood, coconut rice and fresh fruits are the stand cuisine.  The Kunas are also quite famous for their Molas, which can be found throughout Panama.  Molas is artwork made of multilayer fabric cut and sewn together depicting parts of Kuna culture, when on a Kuna Yala tour, you will definitely stumbled upon some opportunities to not only see these pieces of artwork being made, but to also buy directly from the artisan themselves.   

Keteka Difference

Keteka integrates local culture into every experience, ensuring that Keteka travelers not only support local business owners, but get a feel for a day in the life in this region of the world.  San Blas tours provide an unique insight into the pristine archipelago and the Kuna culture.