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Tours in Darien Panama

Authentic Experiences in the Jungle

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At a Glance

The Darien region of Panama  is known for its dense jungle, rough terrain and historically complicated border with Colombia. However, there is much more to the province then its reputation has presented.  Beautiful coastlines, pristine lakes, dynamic caves and the culture of the Embera Indigenous group make Darien a place to see.  Tours in Darien Panama, give tourists an authentic glimpse of what life in this dense Panamanian jungle.   Exploring unique rock formations as you wander through the bat caves of Lake Bayano, is just one of the many activities you can participate in through Keteka tours in Darien.  Tours in Darien Panama are some of the most adventurous and untouched areas of the country.  

Panama, Darien & Lake Bayano

Garachine 5D4N Panama Mountain Hike Tour

USD $934.00USD $2,466.00 Per Person
USD $901.00USD $2,246.00 Per Person

Panama, Darien & Lake Bayano, Panama City

Pueblo Nuevo Tour: Bat Caves and Bayano Lake

Per Person

Panama, Darien & Lake Bayano, Panama City

Bayano Caves Adventurous Full Day Canyoning Tour

USD $173.00 Per Person


The Darien region of Panama is largely occupied by the Indigenous group Embara.  Within the group there are several different regions as well, diversifying cultural practices throughout each one.  The Embara are known for their colorful skirts called Parumas, made of out brightly patterned fabrics reflecting the nature of the area.  You can often find this fabrics around Panama City, however it’s the best to buy them directly from an Embara community so you can learn the proper way to wear them.  They also specialize in beautiful woven baskets, animal masks and body painting by an tree nut named Jagua.  This is maybe one of the most stand out characteristics from the Embara, and those who have visited the Darien.  Painted in traditional designs the “ink” goes on clear but will appear black when dry and last just a little over a week.  Tours in Darien Panama make the unique culture accessible who those who dare to visit, and allow visitors to see the beautiful traditions of life in the Darien.

Keteka Difference

Keteka Tours in the Darien Panama, allow visitors to see a province that many don’t often get to explore.  Still very rugged and preserved in its culture, Keteka tours in the Darien provide a unique and memorable experience for those who chose to partake in the adventure.