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Tours Guatemala

Guatemala is a country rich in culture, history and biodiversity.

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Guatemala is a country rich in culture, history and biodiversity. Whether you are looking for challenging and rewarding trekking or mountain biking, surfing on the Pacific coast, or simply want to take in the stunning Mayan culture and architecture, you’ll find everything you need in our tours in Guatemala.

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At a Glance: Travel and Tours Guatemala

The natural scenery of Guatemala is breathtaking, as rainforests, canyons, and beautiful lakes are all at your fingertips. With the spectacular views you can find, it’s a destination well suited for trekking,with exciting trips hiking up active volcanos and through the jungle. You can kayak on Lake Atitlan, try ziplining through the multiple cloud forest canopies, or get some surfing in on the coast in Puerto Quetzal. There are adventure activity opportunities available all over the country, with some unusual experiences such as rappelling off waterfalls or exploring caves in Verapaz. The country is also rich in culture, and you can take part in community tours to learn more about Mayan history, or visit Tikal National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site still full of ancient Mayan ruins. Along with this, the whole country is abundant in different flora and fauna, and there are many biological and nature reserves where you can see different species in their natural habitat and learn about conservation.

Biodiversity in Guatemala

The country is famous for having unique and biodiverse ecosystems, and is currently the fifth most biodiverse hubspot in the world. Over one third of the country is covered in different species of forest, from mangrove to rainforests to cloud forests. Along with this, there are seven wetlands of international importance made up of lakes, lagoons, rivers, and swamps. The national flower of Guatemala is the Lycaste Skynneri Alba orchid, and you can tour biological reserves and rainforests specifically to see the different natural species.

Indigenous Mayan Culture

Whilst much of the population has mixed European heritage, the majority of the indigenous population of Guatemala are Mayan, and over 21 Mayan languages are spoken here. Tikal National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and, often referred to as the Maya Forest, it is home to thousands of architectural ruins from the Mayan Civilization. On our highlands community tour, you can visit towns which are still steeped in Mayan tradition and heritage to this day.

Keteka Difference

Through our tours, you can get a real understanding of the community you are visiting, meet the locals to get their point of view, and learn some of the cultural and traditional activities still performed today. Participate in an environmental conservation tour to experience a unique community project in Verapaz and learn about the different flora and fauna of the area. Take part in a traditional Mayan Fire Ceremony to cleanse, protect, and heal the spirit. Learn a new skill as you are taught to weave by local artisans in Antigua about the natural dyeing and weaving processes. Browse our authentic experiences below to see how you can truly connect with the community that you’re visiting, and get a real understanding of how the history and culture of each destination has shaped local life today.