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Death Valley Chile Tours

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The Death Valley in Chile is along with the Moon Valley a desertic valley located in the Salt Mountain Range in the Atacama Desert. The area offers views that would make you think you are not in the planet earth. Salt, sand and red rocks form the landscapes of the Death Valley and offer amazing picture opportunities for visitors.

Since it has the same name that the Death Valley in the border of California and Nevada in the US, a lot of people think they are similar, and they actually are very similar, but the name of the Death Valley in Chile has another hole story behind.

Back in the days, when the Atacama desert was being ‘discovered’ by westerners, there was as a french Astronomist working in the area, and he pointed at the fact that this valley in the Salt Mountain Range was like Mart Surface (Due to its red rocks and sand strong red color) the locals thought he he was saying ‘Muerte’ instead of Mart, so they named the valley with the name of ‘Valle de la muerte’ that stands for ‘Death Valley’ in Spanish.

What to do in the Death Valley in Chile?

13 km West from San Pedro, the Death Valley offers 2 main activities for travellers, Trekking along its Dunes and Salt Mountains or Sandboarding.

When to visit the Death Valley?

The Atacama Desert has an average of 20 partly cloudy days a year, so you will mostly find sunny weather. But if you are unlucky to get a rainy day, you will be able to spot an amazing and rare phenomenon, a double rainbow with an amazing background!

The preferred time to visit the Death Valley is in the afternoon and the evening, when the sun begins to set. The sunset offers out of this planet landscapes.

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