Volunteer at Nature Reserve in Cloud Forest of Ecuador

Alto Coca, Ecuador, Reventador

The hike up

Looking for volunteer(s) for the Alto Coca Reserve in pristine cloud forest at the headwaters of the Amazon River in Ecuador. The Alto Coca lodge is situated between two (2) national parks and is home to a high diversity of plants and animals including the jaguar, Andean spectacled bear, mountain tapir, four (4) species of monkeys, and hundreds of bird species. Looking for an independent and fit volunteers who can live and work in a remote area for extended periods of time. It is a difficult 3-hour hike into the reserve.

Currently building infrastructure for the nature reserve (eco-tourism, community based tourism, and scientific investigation). Current projects include trail construction and maintenance, tree planting, garden, wildlife motion sensor camera monitoring, wildlife monitoring, meteorological data collection, and occasional ecotourism (guiding and cooking). The Rancho Alto Coca (Cabin) is located at 1950 meters above sea level on a 1000 Ha cloud forest reserve with a clear view of the erupting Reventador Volcano.

The Alto Coca Reserve will cover some expenses in-country (food, transport, to be negotiated). Contact us for details.


Minimum Commitment: 2 months

Language: English and Spanish

Education: Undergraduate degree, preferably in natural sciences, social sciences, outdoor education, tourism.

Medical: Proof of international insurance and medical certificate.

Outdoor Experience: Hiking, climbing or research in remote terrain, including camping for extended periods without basic services.

Send cover letter, resume (including a minimum of 2 references) to: info@walsh.ec

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Cloud forest, Ecuador, Coca

Map of the Reserve