If you’re looking for a great day trip from Chiclayo, we recommend going for a hike in Pomac Forest. Located in the northern coastal department of Lambayeque, Perú, Bosque de Pomac is a historical forest that was home to the ancient Sicán culture.

It was declared a sanctuary in 2001, in order to conserve both the archaeological and environmental elements that it holds. The forest is over 6,000 hectares and home to 36 pyramids from the pre-Inca culture of Sicán as well as the tomb of the Lord of Sican – a lavish burial with beautiful artifacts made of gold.

Pomac Forest Peru

How to get to Pomac Forest

To get to Pomac Forest, you’ll first need to make your way to Chiclayo, the capital of Lambayeque. From Chicalyao’s main bus terminal, you have two options, a taxi or a mini-bus. If you choose to take a mini-bus, look for drivers advertising Illimo as a destination. Buses depart every 15 minutes and takes around 45 minutes.

What to do in Pomac Forest Peru

You’re first stop when you arrive should be the Interpretation Center. There, you’ll find explanation about the forest, how it’s cared for, and learn about conservation efforts. Close by, you’ll find the Millenial Tree, a huge carob tree that is more than 500 years old.

Hiking in Bosque de Pomac
There are several trails throughout Bosque de Pomac. We recommend hiking to Las Salinas Viewpoint. The hike is 5km and offers great panoramic views of the forest. You can also choose to bike or drive to the viewpoint.

Go Birdwatching
Make sure to bring your binoculars! This area of ​​Lambayeque is perfect for bird watching. With over 89 species of birds, the forest is home to Peruvian plantcutters, Tumbes swallow, Black-faced ibis, parakeets, and much more. We recommend hiring a local guide to help you spot them and explain more about their habitat and the forest.

Learn about the Ancient Sicán Culture
Step back into the ancient Sicán culture and explore the tombs of their culture and kings. Situated within the forest are numerous pyramids with tombs for the Sicán royalty. There are two easily accessible pyramids we recommend visiting: the Huaca Las Ventanas and Huaca El Oro. The pyramids are 10 and 80 meters high, respectively and hold different meaningful objects like ceremonial knife, called a “tumi”, pottery, precious stones, and more.

Book a Tour with a Local
If you plan to only spend a day in the park, we recommend going on a private tour. This will save a lot of time in transportation as well as provide you with the flexibility to enjoy the activities you’re most interested in. A local guide can explain the construction methodology of the historic sites and point out specific birds and animals within the park.

What Else to Do in the Area

Make sure to visit the small town of Illimo – Beekeeping and Honey Capital of Perú. You can spend a half-day learning about the history and the finer points of what beekeeping entails. Then, head out into the forest, put on your safety equipment, and get hands on with one of the world’s most fascinating creatures. Handle hives, see the queen, learn the honey extraction process, and harvest your own jar of honey. Not only is beekeeping a vital economic activity for the local people but an important part of the health of the local environment.

A trip to Pomac Forest is certainly off-the-beaten path in Peru but worth the visit. With so much to offer, you can easily spend a couple days exploring the unique flora, fauna, and wildlife in the park as well learn about the ancient Sicán culture. However long you choose to stay, you’ll be in for an adventure.