If you’re planning a trip to Buenos Aires, you’ll want to experience the tango culture in some shape, way, or form. Renowned as one of the most sensual and dramatic ballroom dances, tango is an important part of culture in Argentina.

Imagine a dimly lit, small but cozy tango bar with couples wrapped tightly together in a half passionate, half jealous embrace. With dozens of bars, clubs, and schools scattered around the city, there are plenty of ways you can can experience Argentine Tango. You can take lessons, see a dinner show, or go out to a local tango bar or milonga where the locals dance. Here is a definitive guide on the best tango places in Buenos Aires.


Dinner and Dance Tango Shows

There are an array of tango places in Buenos Aires where you can watch a tango show while being wined and dined with a gourmet meal or tapas of your choice. You can, of course, opt to just go for the show, but if you would like to accompany your evening with a meal, we recommend the following establishments.

Tango Porteño
One of the most renowned and well known shows transports you to the 1940’s, the Golden Age of Tango. Porteño, or someone who is from or lives in a port city, is now a term often used to refer to the people of Buenos Aires. Located close to the Obelisk, the attention to detail in costumes, stunning cast, and guest orchestras will surely leave you in wonder.

Piazzolla Tango
For those who seek a bit of luxury, Piazzolla is the place to go. Set in the Guemes Gallery, a stunning restored theatre, the show features exquisite ballet and vocals of some of the best Argentinian singers in tango. The story you will see unfold is based on the works of Astor Piazzolla, “the world’s foremost composer of tango music.”

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Señor Tango
If you’re into broadway, Senor Tango is the place for you. The show uses special effects, staging, and props to create a fantastic spectacle. Featuring traditional music alongside well-known classics such as the theme from Evita ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina’, this is a luxury experience for all that will transport you into the performance.

Cafe de Los Angelitos
This historic cafe is well-located near the National Congress. The performance will take you through the history of Argentine tango. You can choose from sumptuous VIP menus whilst being serenaded by a quintet and two singers. Although it may be touristy, there’s a reason why Angelitos is so popular.

Cafe Tortoni
As one of the oldest coffee shops in Buenos Aires, this cafe is beautifully decorated with a traditional feel. Worth coming for even just a coffee in the day, you can also head there in the evening for a reasonably priced meal combined with a cozy tango show.

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Tango Clubs in Buenos Aires with Lessons

If you’re quick on your feet and keen to learn some tango steps before going to the show, there are countless places you can get an introduction. Once you’ve had your lesson and are inspired with a tango passion, you can also head to a tango club in Buenos Aires known as milongas where you can try out your moves like a local. Remember, there are no mistakes in the tango so don’t be shy.

Complejo Tango
Take a tango class with other travellers from different hostels and hotels before being wined and dined with a sumptuous three course meal in front of an atmospheric show. An all-round great show, with some very talented dancers, good food and great atmosphere. If you’re looking for a class that teaches you more than just the basics, you may prefer an alternative.

La Viruta
This dance school and local spot offers classes for various levels of tango as well as hosts milongas. For more experienced dancers, you may find a class better suited to your level with either intermediate or advanced classes. No matter which level you are, be sure to stay after the classes are over and watch the locals dancing like professionals.

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La Catedral Club
Another renowned place for tango lessons is Catedral Club. With classes for all levels and events every day, make sure to enjoy the milongas after the class to test your new steps. With a high-vaulted ceiling and artwork on the walls, the name of this place gives you an idea of the atmospheric experience you are in for.

Sabor a Tango
Located in a beautifully decorated theatre, you can enjoy a tango show and sip your drink in a traditional themed bar whilst you wait. Along with a lesson before dinner, you have the chance to pose for pictures with the dancers and buy souvenirs from the show if you’re looking for some memories of the experience.

Lucia and Gerry
Take private classes with this couple who have been dancing together for over 15 years. An excellent experience if you’re looking for a more intimate class. Whether you’re just passing through or staying for longer period of time, Lucia and Gerry will give you an authentic experience. You can also opt-in for their Tango Night Out experience. You can book private or group classes and get a tailor-made tango experience.

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For more information on where to experience tango in Buenos Aires, take a look at this milonga guide, which lists daily events and happenings. If you don’t want to splash out on an experience, there are always great street performances going on that you can take part in or just enjoy.

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