Bright eyed and bushy tailed, I approached Check-In at the Boston airport, to be informed that the Peruvians may not let me in.


Apparently, the Peruvians may not be thrilled about my one way ticket into their country. As an American, I get a 90 day visa automatically, and do not intend to be there that long, but I suppose they want more proof than a promise.

I didn’t buy a return ticket because the tail-end of this trip is fairly open. It seems likely I’ll be flying out of Colombia in August, but it might be earlier or later. With such uncertainty, it seemed logical to just get a one way ticket and figure it out later.

So, I’m gearing up for some smooth talking at the airport in Lima. I’ve briefed my partner, Kyle, that he may receive a call tonight wherein he buys me a ticket home for a random date in August. The tone of my blog post tomorrow will either be elated or utterly dejected. Either way, it’ll be one to look out for..