Earlier this week, I ordered Led Zeppelin off the menu at a bar in downtown Santiago.

Culto Bar is run by a few Chilean guys that really like British rock and roll. So, they opened a four-story bar, decorated with famous album covers (Animals by Pink Floyd, Hail to the Thief by Radiohead) and loaded with speakers, TVs, and projectors. The back page of the menu has about 30 English rock and roll artists from the 60s until today. You can tell the bartender one of these bands and they play (free of charge) a 20 minute selection of that artists’ music, along with videos that they (the bar) feel go well with the songs. I chose Led Zeppelin and got a mix of concert footage and videos of people doing interpretive dance in the desert next to a horse (not sure how that relates to Achilles Last Stand, but I was OK with it).

This bar is only a five minute walk from the co-working office. Danger Will Robinson.

Bar, Chile

Hail to the Thief wall, with Led Zeppelin concert footage on the TV

2014-11-25 20.34.19

Oh yeah, and they have a rooftop terrace


The back page of the menu