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Patagonia Adventure Tours

Kayaking among Icebergs, Climb Ancient Glaciers, Sailing among whales, etc.

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You can go sea kayaking, horseback riding, climbing, sailing, etc. And then you can go Kayaking among Icebergs, Horseback riding in green mountains crowned with Eternal Snow, Climb Ancient Glaciers, Sailing among whales, etc. Take one of our Patagonia Adventure Tours.

Explore the unique beauty of one of the southernmost points of the world by taking part in our many Patagonia adventure tours in both Chile and Argentina. Patagonia has many incredible wonders to offer from glaciers to deep fjords to beautiful lakes in the north. While it is suggested to take a couple weeks to explore this icy wonderland, we offer tours ranging from day-long outings to week-long trekking packages and bike tours.

For those looking to schedule their trip to Patagonia day-by-day, check out our Perito Moreno glacier experience or full day of fly fishing in the Serrano River. Get even closer to nature by spending two nights and one day sailing the Barbara Channel and kayaking with whales near the base wall of the ice wall at Seno Helado. Another option is to see Patagonia by land with a horseback ride along the banks of the Simpson River. For day-long trekking experiences check out our trek in Alerce Andino National Park or trek to the mighty Osorno Volcano.

Discover the longer trekking opportunities this region has to offer by joining our two to three day slow trek, which allows you to marvel at the beauty of Patagonia at your own pace on an off-the-beaten-path route. Combine adventure and spectacular scenery with an eleven day trek through Patagonia and the Lake & Volcano regions. For those seeking the classic Patagonia hike, we offer guided tours of both the O Circuit and the W Circuit at Torres del Paine.

Embark on some of the most impressive and unforgettable bike paths in the world during your time in Patagonia. Check out our adventure bike journey for nine days and eight nights of traversing the Andes. Another incredible option is the 10-day bike tour along the Northern Carretera Austral.

For a more in-depth look at the impressive cultural legacy and ancestral communities of the region, take part in a four-day adventure in the Mapuche-Williche territory.

From it’s beautiful scenery to unique culture, Patagonia is a must-see for anyone traveling to South America.

USD $450.00 Per Person

Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region, Chile

Trek Ancient Alerces — Alerce Andino National Park

USD $95.00USD $420.00 Per Person

Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region, Chile

Trek Osorno Volcano

USD $145.00USD $450.00 Per Person
USD $28.00USD $44.00 Per Person
USD $2,375.00 Per Person
USD $1,950.00USD $2,815.00 Per Person
USD $3,850.00USD $5,750.00 Per Person
USD $1,075.00USD $1,140.00 Per Person