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Preview Your Next Trip With Virtual Reality

Preview Your Next Trip With Virtual Reality

Keteka, an online booking platform for authentic, local experiences in Latin America, has just released a series of 360 videos and 360 photos to give travelers a fully immersive preview of their trip. Instead of looking at pictures online for travel inspiration, now you can use virtual reality to step into your destination of choice.

“The exciting thing about our videos is that they are not just traditional travel-inspiration, they bring you closer to the cultures and people you will encounter when you go abroad”, Kyle Wiggins, Keteka CEO, explains. “Keteka is an indigenous Panamanian word that means ‘to get close to’, and that’s what we do. Through our tours and through these videos, we make travelers feel closer to their next destination, ensuring they have a truly local experience.”

Feel part of the journey in the famously graffitied streets of Valparaiso, Chile as you follow us down an alley to meet a local shop owner of a hidden, yet renowned empanada (savoury pastry) and alfajor (cookie) shop. As we ring a small doorbell, it’s clear this is the sort of place you would only know about as a local.

Kyle, who is among the travelers in the video, commented that “these videos should be used to help understand the Keteka difference. All the guides we work with are locals with an interesting story who help you connect with the new environment you’re in. Our 360 videos allow you to hear interviews and personal stories of the community, so travelers can really engage with the experience.”

Earlier this year, Deloitte Global predicted that 2016 will be VR’s first billion dollar year. This is hardly surprising considering that in January, Google announced it had released over 5 million Google Cardboard headsets within the space of 18 months, and that over 750,000 hours of VR footage had been viewed on YouTube.

Keteka evolved from the founders’ Peace Corps services in Panama, where they learned first-hand that community-based travel gives the best experiences for both travelers and local tour operators. Committed to providing amazing tours that are led by and benefit locals, our videos mirror our mission. By capturing everyday experiences and real encounters, Keteka’s 360 videos and 360 photos provide the authentic feel that we ensure you receive on all of our tours.

These videos and pictures were created in partnership with the design studio verynice and with VR Causes, both of which are based in Los Angeles. “Verynice is a global design strategy consultancy that ignites movements, builds brands, and changes perspectives.” In conjunction with verynice, “VR Causes brings emerging media technology to purpose driven startups and large socially responsible organizations that walk the talk”, Marlon Fuentes, CEO of VR Causes.