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Puerto Montt Tours

Enjoy the Lake District, discover local communities and breathtaking landscapes

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All our Tours from Puerto Montt or Puerto Varas

As the capital of the southern region of Los Lagos, Puerto Montt acts as the principal commercial and financial hub of Chilean Patagonia. This area provides every natural wonder from volcanoes to glacial lakes to breathtaking national parks, and on top of that offers a unique cultural heritage that combines elements of Chiloé culture and German heritage.

From the city of Puerto Montt itself you can hop on a half-day local life, markets, and neighborhood tour that will introduce you the mixed heritage that has formed this beautiful city. For the second half of your day, follow up with a drive through Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, and Frutillar and catch views of the stunning Osorno and Calbuco volcanoes. To get even closer to the picturesque volcanoes join our Osorno Volcano and Petrohue Falls tour, which takes you through a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Another option is to visit Llanquihue Lake, the third largest lake in South America, where you will encounter both natural beauty as well as the culture of local port towns.

Another major highlight of this region is the island of Chiloe, known for its pastoral landscapes and old wooden churches. Here you can stop by the Chiloe Island Penguin Reserve and observe the wildlife that inhibits this mystical area. To encounter the pristine flora and fauna of the Lakes Region, take a hike through the Alerce Andino National Park where you will see ancient pine trees that are protected as Chilean national monuments.

For biking fanatics, be sure to catch our 10-day Northern Carretera Austral Bike Tour, on which you can get the ultimate look at the beauty that is Chilean Patagonia.

Chile, Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region

Puerto Montt, Puerto Varas, Frutillar Half Day Tour

USD $85.00USD $420.00 Per Person

Chile, Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region

Trek Ancient Alerces — Alerce Andino National Park

USD $95.00USD $420.00 Per Person

Chile, Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region

Trek Osorno Volcano

USD $145.00USD $450.00 Per Person

Chile, Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region

Llanquihue Lake — Puerto Octay, Frutillar, Llanquihue

USD $95.00USD $420.00 Per Person
USD $95.00USD $420.00 Per Person

Chile, Araucanía, Rivers, and Lakes Region

Chiloe Island Penguin Reserve

USD $120.00USD $450.00 Per Person
USD $2,375.00 Per Person