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Punta Arenas Tours

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Punta Arenas tours offer one of the best ways to see the surrounding area of Torres del Paine and Patagonia. Punta Arenas is an ideal starting point for taking boat tours to see whales and dolphins. You can also take fly-fishing trips, go on kayaking expeditions or enjoy horseback riding through the impressive scenery of the south. If you visit the incredible sights of Patagonia, then no doubt you will find yourself flying into or passing through the town of Punta Arenas. If you have some time apart from your trekking, there are many things to do near the city. Check them out below or click here for more info!

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What to do in Punta Arenas:

Punta Arenas has many things to do and see in the nearby area. The town itself is not that picturesque, however there are beautiful national parks nearby and interesting places to visit to get an understanding of the history of the area.


You can take half-day, full day, or even multi-day Punta Arenas tours, which take you whale watching, dolphin sighting and cruising through the stunning glaciers of the Magellan Strait. You can go kayaking just for half a day, both sailing and kayaking through the glaciers of Patagonia, or even take a week-long boating trip to see the best of the wildlife and scenery in an epic adventure.


There are some great fly-fishing opportunities near Punta Arenas which are ideal for any skill level. We offer excursions for those with their own angler’s license as well as trips that include the license if you don’t already have one. There are a variety of different rivers to choose from so please feel free to contact us at if you would like further information about the fishing conditions and opportunities in Patagonia.

Horseback riding:

If the water is not your thing, then there are plenty of other options! You can take a horseback riding tour that caters specifically to your abilities and desires, ranging from half-day tours of the scenic surroundings, to a four-day adventure that includes camping in the wild with spectacular views. If you simply can’t choose between the water sports options or the horse riding, then fear not we also have a combined kayaking and horse riding day tour!


Of course most people travel through the stunning area of Patagonia in order to visit the famous National Park of Torres del Paine. We offer a number of Puerto Montt tours to Torres del Paine, which provide all lodging, food and equipment on our guided tours. Or, we can simply take care of booking accommodation, providing food, and helping with planning on our self-guided tours. There are lots of hiking options around Punta Arenas and Puerto Natales, too, if you would prefer something more off-the-beaten-path.

How to get to Torres del Paine:

For those of you who wish to head straight into Torres del Paine, you can take a local bus to the town of Puerto Natales, about a three hour drive away from Punta Arenas. Many travelers base themselves in Puerto Natales the night before entering the park, and it’s a great place to find all the necessary gear you might need to rent or buy before your expedition. Please note though that in winter many gear rental places will be closed, so if you are planning a winter trek, try to find the equipment you need before arriving in the south or ensure you book a tour that provides all the necessary equipment. From Puerto Natales, you can then take another public bus to the national park (around 2.5 hours away), or your tour operator will at that stage help you with transport and take care of the necessary logistics.

When to Visit:

Many travelers descend on Patagonia in its peak season between November and February. We recommend that you try to visit just outside of these times to avoid the crowds, in around October or March, as it’s easier to book accommodation and tours, and national parks will be less crowded. However, throughout November-February you will certainly have the best weather. Weather in Patagonia can go through four seasons in one day, so no matter when you come it’s best to bring clothing for all seasons!

It’s certainly possible to visit Patagonia in winter, and depending on what you wish to do your options will change slightly. In Punta Arenas, you can still enjoy the many tours available to you from the city. If you wish to visit Torres del Paine then you will likely need a tour with a professional guide, as many of the trails are closed to solo travelers or non-guided groups for safety reasons. However ,if you have any questions about planning your trip, just email us on and we’ll happily help you out.