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Torres del Paine Tours

Experience the 8th wonder of the world with a local guide.

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Explore the sparkling glacial lakes, snowy mountain peaks, and incredible landscape of Torres del Paine National Park. Whether you’ve decided to hike the ‘W’ circuit or the ‘O’ circuit, you’re sure to be mesmerized by the views.

Keteka offers tours with high quality guides as well as self-guided independant packages departing from Puerto Natales and from El Calafate, Argentina. Although Torres del Paine National Park is well worth a multi-day visit, if you are short on time you can still visit at least one of its famous sights. Take a look at our guided day hikes here.

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USD $1,255.00 Per Person
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USD $2,370.00 Per Person

Chile, Patagonia

O Trek, 8 Days, Fully Guided

USD $2,900.00 Per Person
USD $1,450.00 Per Person
USD $1,115.00USD $1,160.00 Per Person

Why book your Torres del Paine Trip through Keteka?

Our Torres del Paine tours provide both guided and self-guided options to suit the needs of each traveler. Whether you want a guide to accompany you the whole way and to help with carrying gear, or whether you want to do an independent adventure but need a bit of help planning routes, transport, reserving camping sites, and getting the right food, we can assist and help ensure all of these worries are taken care of for you.

At Keteka, we want you to get an authentic travel experience. More than just seeing another culture, we try to help you immerse yourself in a different way of life. In Torres del Paine, we work with vetted local guides and operators so all our tours are safe, high quality, and have a positive local impact.

Guided Tours

Our professional guides will give you an initial briefing when you get to Puerto Natales, and will help you with all transport to and from the park, and also while you are in the park. They will be with you each step of the way to guide you along the correct routes, take you to the best and most beautiful vantage points, and even help carry all the gear!

Many of our tours include a porter who will carry all the camping and cooking gear for you, and will also be responsible for making you a nice hot meal for breakfast and dinner as well as lunches along the way. You won’t need to worry about making sure you have the right gear, as we will provide tents and sleeping mats for you. You can also rent any additional clothes or equipment through us if you wish.

In addition to this, some of the routes in the park are only accessible for guided parties due to safety reasons. This is especially true in winter, when weather can be treacherous and many paths are closed to solo travelers and non-guided groups. We can make sure that you see all of the park, make the whole planning process easier, and assist you while trekking to ensure you have a comfortable yet still challenging experience.

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Self-Guided Tours

For those who prefer trekking without a guide, we do in fact have self-guided Torres del Paine tours, too! With these offerings we still help you plan the whole route, provide transport and gear, and even all your food in some cases, but let you do the trek on your own. This is a great option if you would rather spend time just with your friends or on your own, but would like some assistance with the planning and preparation for your adventure.

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Traveling to Chilean Patagonia is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you don’t want to ruin it improvising your visit, or worrying too much about lodging, trekking times, or transportation. You want to discover the unlimited and unspoiled nature for which the region is famous!

4 Ways to Explore Torres del Paine

Although there are many ways to explore the national park, we recommend the following options (depending on your time, budget, and fitness level):

  • The O Circuit (or Torres del Paine Circuit) is a 8-day trek that will take you to the Silence Valley, Oggioni Pass, Perros Valley, across the John Gardner Pass, Lake Pehoe and the French Valley, all surrounding the Torres del Paine Natural Monument.
  • The W Circuit is a 7-day trek that will take you to the heart of the monument, and allows you to visit Lake Nordenskjold, French Valley & Glacier Grey along the way.
  • Finally, if you have less time or you’re not sure you are up for a more demanding trek, you can enjoy the breathtaking Torres del Paine Natural Monument by trekking & camping with our Camping Torres del Paine 4-Day Package or the Torres del Paine Estancia 5 Day Experience.

No matter what your decision is, if you book one of these tours, you will return home overwhelmed by the beauty of mother nature, having had an incredible experience!

Highlights of Torres del Paine Tours

The W takes a minimum of four to five days depending on fitness, while the O is usually best done in eight or more days. A very ambitious person could probably attempt it in less, however, we recommend taking your time to enjoy the fantastic scenery along the way, or even spending two weeks in the park.

The main highlights along the way of the W are as follows:

  • Glacier Grey (Glaciar Grey)
  • The French Valley (El Valle Frances)
  • The ‘Horns’ of the Towers mountain peaks (Los Cuernos del Torres)

These are the most famous sights of the park, and the most commonly trekked trails. Glacier Grey is an incredible, vibrant blue glacier, which in summer you can even take a boat right up to and get a closer look. The French Valley provides a beautiful lookout onto the Paine Massif Mountain Range, and you can even see the Southern Patagonian Ice Field from here. Finally, the Cuernos themselves are the most famous sight of Torres del Paine, and you can hike up to the base of the horns to see these imposing granite mountains from close up.

For those doing the longer O, you will see all of the above, among these other treasures:

  • Blue Lagoon (Laguna Azul)
  • Enchanted Valley (Valle Encantado)
  • The Southern Ice Field
  • Perros Glacier (Glaciar Los Perros)

These additional gems give you even more stunning views and the O is typically less crowded than the W trail, and so allows you to have some peace and quiet. While both treks are relatively long, the sections are not so steep that beginners should be put off. If you opt for a guided or self-guided tour, you will always be walking at a comfortable pace that suits you and no doubt will feel rewarded from the challenge at the end!

Depending on which of the Torres del Paine Tours most interests you, we can add extra activities like ice hiking or kayaking near Glacier Grey, or additional secluded hikes to hidden valleys that are only available with a guide. Simply email us at for more information on these optional extras.

When to Visit Torres del Paine National Park

The most popular time to visit Torres del Paine is in the summer months of Chile, roughly October to March. Peak season is November to February, and so you will find the trails busier then as well as limited availability in campsites and refugios. If you are planning to travel during these months we strongly suggest you book four to five months in advance in order to secure your place.

The best months to travel are October and March, because they are just at the beginning and end of the season, so weather is still pleasant but there will be fewer people.

Alternatively, for the more intrepid, winter hikes are also available between the months of April and September. Please note that in winter many trails are closed to solo travelers and non-guided groups, so it’s best to consider a guided tour at this time to allow you to make the most of your trip to the park and to ensure your safety in the changing Patagonian weather.

Weather in Patagonia

Weather in Patagonia is known to change rapidly and you can experience all four seasons sometimes in one day! While you might set off on a bright and sunny morning, during the course of the day you could see rain, heavy winds, and dramatic changes in temperature. While planning your trip, take this into consideration and make sure to pack clothes that are rain and wind-resistant as well as warm layers for the evening.