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Madidi National Park 5D4N Tour + Survival Skills Training

Learn how to survive in Bolivia’s Madidi National Park! Live in one of the world’s biggest biological biodiversity and see the indigenous community.

USD $800.00

Per Person
Number of TravelersPrice Per Person
1USD $800.00
2 or moreUSD $400.00

Learn How to Survive in Madidi National Park Through This 5D4N Tour!

Established in 1995, Bolivia’s Madidi National Park covers nearly 1.9 million hectares, making it one of the largest protected areas in the world. Have you thought of visiting this Bolivian Amazon and spend some time there? Now the opportunity is here – join us on a 5 days 4 nights Madidi National Park tour, and not only explore this area with the biggest biological biodiversity in the world but also get to see an indigenous community living within the jungle, do some whitewater rafting and best of all – learn all the necessary skills necessary for survival in the rainforest!

As part of this Madidi National Park tour, you will stay at Berraco del Madidi, an EcoCamp located deep within the the Bolivian rainforest of Madidi National Park, devoted to ecotourism and conservation of the region. Staying in private huts in traditional Quechua Tacana style, you will engage in activities of the rainforest such as embarking on walking trails, spotting wildlife, a traditional fishing trip and jewelry making session. Observe unique species such as the caimans baking themselves in the tropical sun and macaws flying through the treetops.

This rustic Madidi National Park camping tour is ideal for total immersion in the Amazon and as this primary forest has been relatively unaffected by human activities and contains the oldest trees, there is a greater chance of spotting wildlife right from your hammock of your hut.

What are you waiting for? Come join us on our Madidi National Park tour now!


  • Explore one of the world’s biggest biological biodiversity
  • Make your own artisanal jewelry from items found in the forest
  • Spot wildlife right from your hammock
  • Gain a better understanding of animal and plant species in the Amazon
  • Visit the indigenous Quechua-Takana community of San Jose de Uchupiamonas
  • Do some whitewater rafting
  • Learn all the necessary skills for survival in the rainforest jungle

Tour Information

Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights
Start/End Location: Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
Availability: Year-round
Miscellaneous: Accommodation is offered up to a maximum of 8 guests at one time. If your group has more than 8 travelers, please write to us at for special arrangements. Itinerary is flexible and will be adapted to travelers’ preferences.


Day 1
You will start the trip by setting off at 07:30 am from Rurrenabaque. Then, you will travel by a motor boat for 4 hours on both the Beni and Tuichi rivers, to enter Madidi National Park. After a picnic lunch on the river bank, you will reach the EcoCamp in the afternoon where you will be assigned your hut. After a snack in the dining room, you will then take a short hike on the Salitral and Mapajo Trail to learn about the variety of plants and animals species found in the primary rainforest. Then after a buffet dinner, your guide will lead you on a night hike along the Real Palma Trail where you can immerse yourself in the rainforest sounds and see nocturnal insects and animals such as tarantulas, frogs and Kinkajou screaming monkeys.

Day 2
After a breakfast buffet, you will embark on the Playon Trail to gain a better understanding of medicinal plants and the diversity of exotic animal and bird species inhabiting the area, including howler monkeys and poisonous snakes. At the end of the trail is a viewing platform, where you will be able to see hordes of wild jungle pigs that frequent the nutrient-rich clay lick below.
After lunch, you will embark on a traditional fishing trip down the Tuichi river, using only local fishing tools
and techniques to catch fishes such as the giant piranha and catfish. Dinner for the night will be a traditional dinner of fish steamed in bamboo prepared by the chef – local guides will also take this opportunity to share with you popular rainforest legends, passed down through their families over hundreds of years.

Day 3
This day is the day to learn how to survive in the forest. After breakfast, you will embark on a 5-6 hour hike on the Expedition Trail, carrying with you plenty of water and a light lunch. Your guide will explain to you what the critical survival techniques are, including teaching you how to identify poisonous animal species such as the 24-hour ant and the Bushmaster snake, as well as pointing out the plant species that possess life-saving antiseptic and anesthetic qualities.

On this hike, you will also learn how to finding food and clean water. Your guide will then teach you how to construct vine traps to catch birds and fishes. Last but not last, you will also learn of the various animal calls used to locate and attract animal species such as wild pigs, birds and monkeys. After lunch by the river, your guide will then explain the traditional methods of rainforest navigation using sun and tree formations, before you head back to the EcoCamp for dinner.

Day 4
After a breakfast buffet, choose between 2 options – visiting the indigenous Quechua-Takana community of San Jose de Uchupiamonas, or go straight to whitewater rafting. For the community visit, you will set northwards on the Tuichi River for 3.5 hours on a boat, then hike 25 minutes to the village, where after the village tour, the villagers will tell you all about their 300-year long history. The village tour includes visits to the community church, school, town hall, medical center, and a plaza where locally-made handicrafts will be available for purchase. Lunch will be a traditional meal in the home of a local family.

For the whitewater rafting adventure, if you opt for the community visit, it will be in the afternoon. If not, it will be in the morning directly after the breakfast buffet. This activity is where after the guides give a brief tutorial about the rafting equipment, safety and techniques, you will start your 3-hour rafting adventure on the Tuichi River, taking in the breathtaking Amazon rainforest scenery and views of animals along the banks. You can also swim in the waters, before finally heading back to the EcoCamp.

Day 5
Again after a breakfast buffet, you will now embark on the Taitetu Trail, best for observing birds and gathering seeds for making local crafts. After getting back to the EcoCamp, you will turn these “loots” you have into into artisanal jewelry like rings and necklaces, with the help of your guide. You will then depart on a 4-hour boat ride back to Rurrenabaque after lunch, to end off the trip.

What’s Included

  • Transfer to and from Rurrenabaque
  • Accommodation (tent, bed, clean sheets and blankets, hammock, furniture)
  • All meals
  • Towels
  • Local guides

What’s Not Included

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Optional trip/accident insurance
  • One-time entrance fee to Madidi National Park
  • Cost for indigenous community visit on Day 4 (USD 50 per person)

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Change of clothes
  • Cap/hat
  • Biodegradable sunscreen and insect repellent

Important Notes

  • The 4-5 rapids on the Tuichi River range from Class I-III, depending on the season
  • Whitewater rafting activity is suitable for all ages


Alto Madidi, Bolivia

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Alto Madidi, Bolivia -13.633333, -68.741667

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