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Uyuni Salt Flats Day Tour (Spanish or English Speaking Guide)

A one day tour of the salt flats that starts and ends in Uyuni.

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Uyuni Salt Flats Day Tour (Spanish or English Speaking Guide)

Description & Itinerary

The tour begins in Uyuni in the morning around 10:00am, and will first visit the train cemetery where you will see the old rusting trains from decades ago. After that you will reach Colchani and witness how the salt is processed before arriving to the salt flats themselves, and see the “Ojos de Sal”, where water bubbles up through the salt plains. You will see where the salt has been laced in mounds, the original salt hotel (no longer used for guests); and will visit the Inca Huasi island to see the giant cacti and to have great views of the salt flats all around (please take into account that the island is not reachable when the salt flats are flooded). There will be plenty of time for taking photos of this amazing place. As the afternoon moves on you will continue towards the foot of the outstanding Tunupa volcano before heading back to Uyuni. On the way back you will also stop for few minutes to enjoy the stunning sunset over the salt flats.

Pick up: At your hotel/airport around 10:00 a.m.

Drop off: At your hotel around 6:30-7:00 p.m. (18:30-19:00)

Whats Included

  • Transportation in 4×4 vehicle
  • English speaking guide
  • Driver (sometimes the guide is also a driver, depending on availability)
  • Basic lunch (take extra snacks as food can be quite plain)

What’s Not Included

  • Transport to Uyuni
  • Entrance fees – 30 Bs for Isla Inca Huasi
  • Water – we recommend you purchase 2 liters per person to take with you
  • Breakfast and dinner
  • Sunglasses and sun cream
  • Additional snacks and beverages

Important Information About the Tour

If you are looking for a different type of Uyuni salt flats tour, you can see a full list of Uyuni tours at this link

If you would like to be picked up at the airport in Uyuni: 

  • If you booked a tour with a Spanish-speaking guide, there is an additional cost of 50 bolivianos per vehicle for airport pick up, which you should pay in cash directly to the driver
  • If you booked a tour with an English-speaking guide, there is an additional cost of 10 bolivianos per vehicle for airport pick up, which you should pay in cash directly to the driver


The exact itinerary is subject to change with weather – the weather around the salt flats is mostly pretty consistent, but when it rains or snows, it can dramatically change what is available during the trip

This is especially true during the months of February and March – the rainy season. The rain cuts off access to some parts of the itinerary, including (often) Isla Incahuasi. When this happens, the guide will take you to other parts of the salt flats that are still accessible.

If you book the trip in for February or March, please expect changes in the itinerary – that is the norm, not the exception at that time of year. It is impossible to predict ahead of time exactly how the itinerary will be affected, but expect that it will change.

Average weather conditions throughout the year:

  • Winter (May – August): chances of snow, with overnight temperatures reaching about -25° C (-13° F)
  • Rest of the year (September – April): temperatures reaching about 5° C (41° F) at night


Please note that they generally do not have food in Uyuni that accommodates gluten-free diets.


The road conditions around the flats are quite bad, but the tour uses 4W trucks that can handle it; the trucks are not new but they are kept in good shape and consistently maintained.


It is recommended that you bring winter clothing and comfortable trekking shoes. Due to the high altitude and desert climate at night, it can get rather cold and you will want to layer up. As for trekking shoes, much of the ground is uneven, so it is best to have enclosed, stable footwear with good traction. While sneakers are sufficient, boots or more hiking-oriented shoes will help keep you from skidding on certain surfaces and provide you better protection overall. Terrain is quite varied, so your ankles will be quite thankful for the extra protection.


Please note that parts of this excursion takes you to about 4,000 meters (over 13,000 feet) above sea level, so it will be important to remain hydrated, both leading up to the tour and throughout the tour. Water is not very easy to come by once on the tour, so be sure to pack plenty. It is also recommended to avoid alcoholic drinks the night before this trip.

Symptoms of altitude sickness can include headaches, nausea, dizziness, loss of appetite, trouble sleeping, and drowsiness. None of these symptoms are very ideal when you want to be enjoying an awesome trip to Uyuni, so warnings about hydration and avoiding alcohol should be heeded closely to help mitigate the risk. It is also more difficult to breathe at higher altitudes. This tour is not physically demanding so you should not be affected for the most part, but this is still important to take note of.

If you commonly suffer from altitude sickness, we recommend taking this tour after spending a few days in Atacama in order to acclimate if that can be worked into your personal itinerary. This excursion is not recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure or heart disease. Pregnant women and children younger than 4 years old should not take this tour.


Uyuni Salt Flat

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Uyuni Salt Flat -20.133777, -67.489134

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