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Angel Falls: Ancestral Experience Journey on the Circuit of Tepuys

A unique adventure in one of the oldest places in the world, a gift from nature, a lifetime experience.

USD $2,289.00

Per Person

Stand at the Foot of Angel Falls

This trip is full of wonderful contrasts that begin when we enter the bowels of the lost world, to visit Kavac Falls, visit the Mission of the Kamarata Indigenous Community, to trek from 4 hours to Mount Tumun, a tepuy that is in front of the Auyantepuy and offers a spectacular view of the Kamarata Valley and a multicolored sunset. You will sail through several rivers visiting indigenous communities, sleeping in hammocks on the banks of the rivers, living nature like never before. You will stand at the foot of Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world. 


  • Discover a whole environment and its local culture
  • Sail in breathtaking environments 
  • See a whole range of waterfalls

Tour Information

Duration: 9 days
Start time: 8:30 am
End time: 19:00 pm approx.
Start/End location: Boa Vista


Day 1: Meeting the group in Boa Vista

You will start the day with a meeting at 8:30 am at the hotel in Boa Vista. This briefing time is mandatory as the operator will give you technical guidance and provide you with important information. Then, you will be free for the rest of the day.

Day 2: Crossing the border with Venezuela

You will leave Boa Vista at 5:30 am to arrive at the Venezuelan border around 7:30 am. After the customs procedures, you will go straight to the airport of S. Elena de Uairén, a chartered aircraft will be waiting for you to carry out approximately 30 minutes flight to the Kavac Indigenous Camp in the Kamarata Valley, at the foot of Mount Auyantepuy.

After lunch, you will start an authentic journey to the center of the Earth, you will visit the Caves of Kava. Then, you will reach a waterfall of impressive beauty. You will also have free time in the afternoon to take pictures and admire the beautiful sunset of Auyantepuy.

Day 3: Discovering the indigenous community of Kamarata

After breakfast, you will take a rustic vehicle to cross the savannah. This 30-minute drive will lead you to the indigenous community of Kamarata. There, you will visit the Kamarata Mission. Then, you will arrive at the port of the Akanan river. It will be possible to cross the river in curiara (traditional indigenous boat) and then start a 4-hour trek through the forest. If possible, you will also visit an indigenous plantation. At noon, you will eventually reach the top of Tumun Tepuy, where you will spend the night in a mosquito net.

Day 4: Walking through the savannah

You will walk at the top of the tepuy. Then, you will have the opportunity to visit a waterfall which is about 40 meters high. It is located on the other side of the hill. In the afternoon, you will have the time to enjoy the wonderful sunset of the Kamarata Valley and the majestic walls of the Auyantepuy. (B/L/D).

Day 5: Leaving Mount Temun

You will be onboard a curiara from the Akanan port, and start sailing in the jungle, until you reach the rapids of Kuk Merú, where there will be a stop for a snack. Then, you will continue sailing until you reach the indigenous community of Iwana Merú, where you spend the night. (2 hours and a half of navigation approx.). (B/L/D).

Day 6: Walking in Camp Carrao

After your breakfast at Iwana Merú, you will board the curiara. After 15 minutes of navigation, you will land to take a walk through the savannah of Camp Carrao, seeing the DC-3 airplane that made an emergency landing some 60 years ago. You will then stop at Kuai Merú to have lunch and continue until you reach Arenal camp (5 hours of navigation approx.). (B/L/D).

Day 7: Seeing Angel Falls

After breakfast, you will leave Camp Arenal. You will sail along the Carrao River until you reach the confluence with the Churum River. From there, you will go upstream (approximately 2 hours), until you reach Raton Island. During the journey, you will be dazzled by several huge waterfalls, but you will mostly have the great pleasure to observe the Angel Falls. As the saying goes “All the waterfalls in the area look like the Angel Falls, but the Angel Falls does not look like any of them” because when one sees it, it is something splendorous.

Upon arrival, you will take a snack in Raton Island, then take an hour walk through the jungle at the foot of Mount Auyantepuy, until you reach the Mirador de Laime, where you can see the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls or Kerepacupay Vená, as the Pemón Indians call it. From there, you can go to the well to take a rejuvenating shower. After that, you will return to the camp to have dinner and spend the night in hammocks. (B/L/D).

Day 8: Sailing, walking, and sailing

After breakfast, you will be sailing through the river Churum, until you go back to the confluence of this river with the river Carrao. You will continue until you reach the Sabana de Mayupa for a 45-minute walk. Then, you will again be sailing for 20 minutes to Salto El Sapo, an impressive waterfall that is about 120 meters long and 15 meters high. It’s even possible to walk behind its water curtain! Then, you will take a snack and board the boat to go to Puerto Ucaima. From that point, you will go to the camp where you will spend the night in beds (B/L/D).

Day 9: Flying above Angel Falls

After breakfast, there will be an excursion to the Canaima Lagoon to visit the different waterfalls that show the mystical and wonderful touch of this place of billions of years. At 14:30 pm, you’ll take a plane to S.Elena de Uairén. You will enjoy flying over the largest waterfall in the world, the Salto Angel (Angel Falls), with its 979 meters of freefall. You will arrive at S. Elena de Uairén airport around 16:00 pm, then, you will go back by land to Boa Vista. (B/L).

What’s Included

  • Ground transportation Boa Vista-Santa Elena de Uairén (round trip)
  • Airline charter S. Elena de Uairén-Kavac
  • Return charter air transportation Canaima-S. Elena de Uairén
  • Full board tour: breakfast, lunch, and dinner (B/L/D)
  • First-aid kit
  • Satellite Telephony
  • Camping equipment: portable bathroom, tarpaulins, stove, kitchen supplies
  • Specialized guide & support team
  • Boat excursion
  • Lodging and meals in Canaima

What’s not Included

  • Travel insurance 
  • Air tickets to get to Boa Vista
  • Accommodation in Boa Vista 
  • Meals in Boa Vista and Santa Elena de Uairén
  • Personal porter
  • Personal equipment
  • Differentiated feeding
  • Other transfers and tours

What to Bring

  • Sleeping bag

Important Notes

  • The necessary documentation to enter Venezuela is your passport duly accompanied by the International Certificate of Immunization (certifying prior yellow fever vaccination 10 days before the trip) issued by ANVISA. Some nationalities need to request an entry visa in advance.
  • Minor participant must carry out the expedition accompanied by the parents or responsible people with the proper authorization. Access the link for more information:
  • We rent personal equipment: sleeping bag and backpack – check values.
  • The capacity of the aircraft is 5 passengers, and each one has the right to a piece of luggage with a maximum of 10kg. For security reasons, you cannot exceed this limit. If you are overweight, you must hire an extra flight, at a cost of US $ 1,100 each way.
  • On extra luggage, which will not be used during the expedition, we recommend leaving it in the hotel’s luggage storage box before the beginning of the itinerary, which will probably be the same as when returning to the city.
  • Cancellation policy – if you wish to cancel your trip, the following cancellation fees will be applied:
    • 10% in case of cancellation 30 days before the beginning of the trip;
    • 20% in case of cancellation between 30 and 21 before the beginning of the expedition;
    • Higher percentual than mentioned above for cancellations with less than 21 days before the beginning of the trip.
    • In case of cancellation less than 7 days before the beginning of the trip, you will not get any refund.


Angel Falls

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