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Brazilian Horse Riding Tour

USD $1,035.00

Per Person
Number of TravelersPrice Per Person
1USD $1,035.00
2 - 3USD $793.00
4USD $678.00
5 or moreUSD $632.00

Brazilian Horse Riding Tour

Lavradeiros Horses of Roraima 6 days / 5 nights

Living new frontiers can always be a new beginning, so we try to convey in our scripts a palette of unforgettable emotions. In this, we will live unique moments, bringing together natural beauty, local culture and something more than special: the Roraima Lavaliers. Native Brazilian horses of free nature, descendants of animals of the Andalusian and Garrano breed, brought by the settlers who in the Lavrados de Roraima found freedom and adapted to the local environment, living daily the way of survival. Our destination will be the interior of the state of Roraima, an earth-smelling interior with typical food, igarapés and centuries-old trees like Samaúma (Ceiva Petranda), the largest tree in the Amazon. In these lands, we can go horse riding listening to birds singing, and with a little luck find the Tamandua Flag (Myrmecophaga tridactyla), an animal symbol of the Lavrado.

Seasonality: May be operated throughout the year, except in the months between May and August, when rainfall is higher and impairs activities.

The activities we organize are differentiated by the services we offer:

1. Personalized service;

2. Private transportation;

3. Balanced food menu, including fruit;

4. Experienced and oriented guides for humanized treatment to clients;

5. Detailed guidelines on everything related to the trip;

6. Meeting of the group, in Boa Vista, for technical guidance, aiming at the safety of all;

7. Preventive procedures for greater safety of participants;

8. Trained staff with extreme respect for the environment and local culture;

9. Company legally authorized by the Ministry of Tourism,

Tour Information

Duration: 6 Days, 5 Nights
Start/ End Location: Boa Vista, Brazil
Availability: Year-Round


Day 1: Boa Vista
Arriving in Boa Vista, and transfer (not included) to hotel, we recommend that you stay at the Aipana Plaza Hotel,where we will meet at 03:00 p.m. to get to know each other and pass information about our tour. This day will be the moment to visit Boa Vista, capital of Roraima, a state bordering Venezuela and Guyana, before continuing to our destination: Amajarí, to the Lavrados. Boa Vista is a city far from the traditional tourist axis of Brazil, so little known, but very interesting as its modernist architecture, with great avenues, squares and the famous Rio Branco, that cuts across the city and where we will take a tour in the late afternoon. Of course, it will be a special moment, but there is nothing written that explains the excitement of this tour. At the end of the day we will meet at the edge of the pool to feel the breeze of the night and have a brief briefing about our expedition that begins, to discuss the experiences that we will live in the coming days. After all, this trip to the interior of Roraima is a new frontier of rural Brazil that opens and few people, until the present day, had the possibility to live. Recalling that, for this reason, few support points are available during the course of our expedition to meet the Roraima wild horses. Therefore, we will adopt a trip called “Margarida”, because every day we will leave this one of the most traditional farms of the State; are the rural producers who create a troupe of Lavradeiros and that in the last years receive anxious visitors wanting to know the local rural universe. Bacabal Farm, the place where we will stay and return later in the afternoon, after going through different trails and getting to know several biomes. Fulfilling, therefore, a script in the format of petals always directed towards its central core, which can be done by horse or vehicle accompanying the troop.

Day 2: Boa Vista / Amajarí / Bacabal Farm
After breakfast, transfer to Amajarí, going towards the Lavrado, arriving at one of the historic local farms, which is part of the historical agricultural expansion of our productive frontiers. The trip is not long, approximately two hours by road in good conditions, which takes us to the road from the interior to the national border; after all, following a little further along this road, we would arrive in Venezuela. Upon arrival, our hosts will welcome us. This is a farm with good conditions of care and lodging, but remember, we are in a rural environment with open spirit for these rural experiences. We will make a quick atmosphere, knowing where we will stay later, a lunch prepared with affection and tradition of this farm. A brief respite to rest, we are ready to begin our equestrian activities. Let us go to the field to meet the troupe of “Lavradeiros Horses”, our partners in the next days of this journey. An interesting fact is that an approach and choice of our peers begins to happen naturally and so we will take a short walk around the farm, for ambiance. At the beginning of the night, a talk will take place with the Babazinho, owner of the farm that together with his family receive with the art of the traditional hosts of Roraima, telling the saga of the generations when they unfolded these lands. We will have the opportunity to listen to some of the lavradeiros horses, the safety rules of the trip adopted by the property, to validate our proposal of experience with safety and quality. Soon after dinner, we will have a good night’s sleep, after which, the next day we will begin our expedition.

Day 3: Fazenda Bacabal / Pirarucu Lake / Várzea Lake / River Amajarí
We start our day in the rural lands of Roraima, with a rich breakfast with local fruits and groceries and then exit to the field where we will find the troupe of Lavradeiro Horses that awaits us prepared with equipment to begin the cavalcades in the lavrado. Our first destination will be the Pirarucu Lake, a trail of rare beauty, with stops along the way to see the flora and fauna of the place. This trail has an average duration of three to four hours, according to the stops for observation of the natural life with the right to a quick stop for a brief rest, water and light snacks. After this rest, not only for us but also for the troupe of lavender horses, we go towards to Várzea Lake, a nursery of several species of fish. In these trails, we will be able to observe a great diversity of birds, reptiles, and mammals, and, luckily, we will find wild lavraders horses that live in the region. Our way will be between lavrados and forests with wildlife observation, with a stop in the bend of the river in the “Desce de Bunda” in the rapids of the “River Amajarí”. As the people of those lands call us what allows us before the lunch a bath in the icy waters, which helps us rest the body, mind and make our picnic in the field. For, on such days, the pleasure of eating in the country, resting and returning quietly will always bring us experiences similar to those experienced by the daily life of the matutos of the earth. The arrival at the farm scheduled at sunset, entitled to a coffee with delicacies prepared with care. Also, who wants to continue in the equestrian arts, how about participating in the treatment of your horse, taking the junk and giving a bath, after all, they deserve it. A break for the bath and then dinner, chat with people from the local community, such as the famous leather artisan who mastered the art of networking and causation. Rest, after all, we have new experiences tomorrow.

Day 4: Visit in Historic Farms of Roraima
Begin our fourth day of rural journeys in the lands of Roraima, walking along paths that will form the next petal of Margarida. On this day, we will make a long journey, so our breakfast will be at dawn, around 06:00 with a Strong Chest; typical food of people who go to read, as well as a rich traditional breakfast with fruit. Very typical places await us. Afterward, we leave for the field, meet the troop and we set out for a unique itinerary, getting to know Historical Farms of Roraima on a trail that brings us along the banks of the rivers that helped to clear this region. At every stop on this journey, we will be able to find famous pioneers of these lands or their descendants who built this state, carrying troop, bringing supplies, raking saws and much more. On this day, lunch will be in one of these typical farms that from the beginning, was part of the clearing of these corners. Stops to admire the rich and unique landscapes of this abundant nature usually happen every three hours, because, besides us, our horses need to rest a little. A tip during the journey of great travelers on horseback, which instead of being always mounted, go down a little and pull the animals for a few moments, both to strengthen our relations with these partners, as well as to stretch our legs a little. This attitude will do them and you. Indigenous communities and flour houses will know the manioc farms and the stories of the missionaries who have passed there; they are attractive beyond the gallop. Regional lunch on the historic farm that we will arrive at about 12.00 with butter cheese and the Paçoca de Roraima that is made from cassava flour and dried meat will be very welcome. Then a well-deserved rest with an interpretive walk through Amajarí, the forests in small forest islands, in the middle of the river.

Day 5: Morning off / Boa Vista
Farewell day and redo energy. Our morning is free to rest, talk, sleep and stroll the farm. For the more willing, we have a horseback ride farewell and, this day, too, local artisans will be presenting their art, showing how they create their pieces that will be available if they want to carry traditional souvenirs. Farewell lunch with the company of Babazinho and his family, who during this journey opened their house making us feel, as well as travelers, members of their group, their family and their people. After lunch, we will continue to Boa Vista where everyone will be accommodated in the hotel. To wait for the departure time of the return flight.

If you are interested, and since you are already in Roraima, you can extend the trip knowing other extra places with the local partners. Here are some suggestions, such as spending a weekend in the Serra do Tepequém (Diamond and Orchid Mountain); Indigenous Community Paraitepuy (Mount Roraima), sleeping in Santa Helena in Venezuela or in the indigenous community itself; Cruvianas Lands in Lethem / Guiana; Panoramic view of Mount Roraima by helicopter and, perhaps, up Mount Roraima on a multi-day hiking expedition.

What’s Included

  • Transportation Boa Vista/Fazenda Bacabal/Boa Vista – in / out
  • Meals during the tour: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Activities at Bacabal Farm
  • First aid kit
  • Guide

What’s Not Included

  • Insurance
  • Flights tickets
  • Transfer in/out
  • Accommodation and meals in Boa Vista
  • Personal equipment
  • Differentiated food
  • Other transfers and tours not mentioned

What to Bring

  • Comfortable and appropriate clothing
  • Swimsuit
  • A towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Repellent

Important Notes

If there is cancellation before the departing day, requested by Roraima Adventures, all paid value will be
According to EMBRATUR (Normative Deliberation nº 161, from 9 th August of 1985), in case of cancellation by the
Contractor, the following amounts will be discounted:
– 10% in case of cancelation 30 days before the beginning of the trip;
– 20% in case of cancelation between 30 and 21 before the beginning of the expedition;
– Higher percentual than mentioned above, related to spends demonstrated by Roraima Adventures to
EMBRATUR for cancelations with less than 21 days before the beginning of the trip.
– In case of cancelation after 07 days before the beginning of the trip, no reimbursed.
Every reimbursement will be done 30 days after cancellation;
Roraima Adventures is not responsible by flights schedules arriving and departing from Boa Vista, such as delays
and cancelation by the airplane companies, due to the fact that they are not part of the package.


Boa Vista, Brazil

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Boa Vista, Brazil 2.820850, -60.672000



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