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Traveling to Easter Island for 5 days and discover the Rapa Nui Culture

This 5 day / 4 night tour including lodging and excursions, is the perfect opportunity to getting to know Easter Island.

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Traveling to Easter Island for 5 days and discover the Rapa Nui Culture

Please note that we have a discount for groups bigger than 11 people. Contact us at

Te pito, Te henua or Rapa Nui are the original names for Easter Island in the Rapanui language. It is only commonly known as Easter Island, because a Dutch Explorer, Jakob Roggeveen ‘landed’ on the Island on April 5 1722, during Easter.

Rapa Nui is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and it is part of Chile, its closest mainland point which is 3800 km (or 2361 miles) away.

Nowadays, around 5035 islanders live on the 163 km² Island. The Island is still a natural paradise and it is home to lots of interesting stories and the Rapanui culture.

This 5 day tour is the perfect opportunity to visit the Island and go back home having learned almost everything about this mysterious place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.


Day 1:

Pick up at the Mataveri Airport and transport to the hotel in Hanga Roa where you will be welcomed by a friendly local staff with fruit and beverages. Depending on your arrival time you may have time to walk around town and explore Hanga Roa.


Day 2: Full Day Tour

On the first full day on the Island you will take a complete day tour through the South-East and North-East coast.

  • Akahanga Temple
  • Rano Raraku Volcano quarry, where you will have a box lunch
  • Ahu Tongariki
  • Te Pito Kura, where you will be amazed by the circular magnetic stones and the surrounding landscapes.
  • Your last stop will be Anakena, a white sand beach with pristine waters where you will have time to chill
  • You will be taken back to the Hotel around 6pm


Día 3: Half Day Tour to Orongo, a ceremonial Rapa Nui village

  • Hanga Roa look out point where you can see the ‘Isla de Pascua’ village
  • Rano Kau Volcano look out point where you can see the ‘Isla de Pascua’ village
  • Orongo ceremonial village where you will get to know the history of Tangata Manu.


Day 4: Half Day Ahu Akivi*

  • Ana Te Pahualso known as ‘cuéva de los plátanos’
  • Ahu Akivi, with the only Moai facing towards the Ocean. They represent the legend that gave birth to the Rapa Nui culture, along with the landing of the Polinesian People in this Island


Day 5: Explore on your own
You will have one day free to explore the island on your own or take one of our day or half day tours such as Scuba Diving or a horseback ride.

What’s Included

  • Lodging for 4 nights based on chosen accommodation type (Double, triple or quadruple)
  • 4 Hot Breakfasts
  • Transportation from/to Mataveri airport
  • Welcome briefing
  • Free Wifi in the Hotel Lobby and restaurant
  • Goodbye gift
  • Box Lunch on the second day
  • Activities listed in the Itinerary

What’s Not Included

  • 80 USD National Park entrance fee (To be payed at your arrival at the airport)
  • Travel insurance
  • Lunch (except Box lunch on day 2)
  • Dinner
  • Activities on your free day

What to Bring

  • Your passport!


Easter Island, Chile

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Easter Island, Chile -27.112990, -109.349581

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