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Bogota City Tour

Take half a day to learn and explore the capital city of Colombia. With this experience, you will have the chance to obtain and enjoy a comprehensive representation of Bogota.

USD $159.00

Per Person

Bogota City Tour


  • Comprehensive and unique tour of the city
  • Expert Guides bilingual guides
  • Ability to explore on your own
  • Spectacular views of the city


If you only have a few hours to spare in Bogata, this is the best way to experience all of the memorable and relevant areas and aspects of the city. Let an experienced and knowledgeable local guide give you a proper introduction to what the city is really like.


4.5 hours


The experience starts with a trip to Monserrate Sanctuary, located within the large Eastern Hills of the Bogota, 3150 meters above sea level. You’ll ascend to the top of the mountain by cable car, and experience the pilgrimage point of the city, all while taking in the breathtaking view of Bogota. . This is the best location to take in both the historical and spatial contextualization of the capital.

Afterward, you’ll descend into the iconic cobbled streets of La Candelaria. You will visit the Botero Museum, home to the incredible works of the eccentric artist Fernando Botero – an Colombian icon of contemporary art. You’ll also make a brief stop at Chorro de Quevedo and learn about the diversituy that the downtown historical center offers, and take in a more comprehensive understanding of Colombian history.

We’ll then head to Plaza de Bolívar, known as the historical epicentre of Bogotá, where all of the administrative and governmental buildings are. You also have a chacne to see the Prime Cathedral.

To conclude the experience, you’ll visit the Gold Museum and be immersed in the distinguished and renowned collection of indigenous gold in the world. You’ll also get the chance to peruse the handicrafts in the Parque Santander market.

What’s Included

  • Private transport from and to your hotel
  • Expert guide in the language of your preference (Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, German)
  • Cable car ticket
  • Tickets to visited attractions

Important Notes

  • Departure time: 8:30 am and 2:00 pm
  • The order of the tour can be modified due to weather conditions
  • The Gold Museum is closed on Monday, however we can change it for another museum according to group’s interests
  • Price for the children under 12 years old


Bogotá, Colombia

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Bogotá, Colombia 4.710989, -74.072092
Kyle Wiggins


Andrés was born in Bogotá in the early nineties. He has traveled his country and has seen it change over the years until becoming the open to the world country that it is today. He is been a guide since 2011 and tells us that Colombia is so special because they are the door of South America and they have two oceans, the caribbean coast and the pacific coast. As he explains, everybody knows the beautiful caribbean coast (with famous beach towns like Cartagena, Santa Marta or Barranquilla, hometown of universal Singer Shakira), while the Pacific Coast remains mainly unknown. Andres likes to share its secret spots with the travelers that visit its unknown paradises.

During his free time, Andrés has two passions, photography and documentary films production. So if you are gonna join one of his tours, don’t forget your camera, he always provide traveler with some tips.

Andrés speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Guide Colombia


This young Colombian, passionate about Design and Jewelry, was borned in the late eighties, in a very turbulent time for her nation. Patricia is know proud of the deep changes Colombia has suffered since she was a kid and fervently celebrates Colombian Diversity. “Everywhere you go, the environment is going to be different” says.

She claims that Colombia is the most colorful country in the world, and that’s one of the special things about Colombia you can find any single color here, in landscapes, in constructions, in art etc..

She became a guide because she considered it was one of the best ways to share the beauty of her country and the talent of its people to the world.
Patricia has been working as a guide since 2013 and she is fluent in Spanish and English.

Guide Colombia


This young Guide was born in Boogtá, in the early nineties and has been a tour guide since 2013. He is Fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
It didn’t take Fabian a long time to realize the Diversity in his country, he tells us that just traveling from Bogotá to Medellín, cities about 260 miles away from each other, every single person is very different.

He claims that in Colombia they have the influence of so many different cultures (Afro-Colombians, Criollos, Romas, Sephardic Jews, Germanics…), and that you can see their influence in everything, the food, the music and dances, the architecture…

He tells us that people coming to colombia these days, will get a more authentic vision of the country and its people, since they are much more open and willing to share their country.

*Please note that this tour may be guided by another local guide, always providing a genuine approach to the local culture.

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