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Pablo Escobar History Tour (Medellín)

Explore the truth behind the legend of history’s most infamous narco-trafficker. Pablo Escobar shook Colombia to its core for over 10 years. Explore Escobar’s complicated legacy as hero and villain. Discover how Medellín is moving forward with hope.

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Discover the Truth behind the Legends

Pablo Escobar easily is one of Colombia’s most iconic figures. His legacy as history’s most infamous narcotrafficker has impacted Colombia to in countless ways, and continues to influence Colombian culture, national identity, and policy to this day.

On this Pablo Escobar History Tour, discover how Escobar shook an entire country to its foundations for over 10 years. Learn the truth behind the legend, and explore Escobar’s complicated identity as hero to some and villain to many.

Most importantly, discover how art and social innovation have stimulated collective memory, optimism, and progress in the 30 years since his death to rebuild and redefine Medellín and Colombia.


  • Visit Escobar’s Medellín mansion, set for demolition in 2019
  • Visit the Envigado cemetery where Escobar is buried. Learn how and why Escobar was loved and feared by so many.
  • Stop at San Antonio Park to see the Botero Bird of Peace statue, destroyed by FARC guerrilla soldiers.
  • Walk the streets of Comuna 13 and witness how Medellín’s violent past has stimulated community development and social innovation to change the city’s destiny.
  • Take a Pablo Escobar history tour that gets to the truth behind the Hollywood stories

Tour Information

Duration: 4 hours (10:00 am – 14:00 pm)

Start/End Location: Hotel pick-up/drop-off in Medellín

Language Availability: English and Spanish


Begin your tour with 10:00 am hotel pick up and transfer to the Monaco Building, where Escobar once lived. Set for demolition, the building sits empty and serves as an imposing reminder of history still close to the minds and lives of many.

Next, make a stop at the city’s La Gruta grotto, dedicated to a shrine of the Virgin Mary, known as La Virgen de los Sicarios, or the Virgin of Assassins. Countless members of the Medellín cartel once came to ask the Virgin for forgivneness, strength, or revenge — and would being bullets and weapons to be blessed here before using them to kill.

From the grotto, go to the cemetery where Escobar is buried. As you visit his grave, your guide will discuss Escobar’s duality in the minds of many as both a as Robin Hood-like hero, and deadly villain. His grave demonstrates this complicated legacy.

Next, travel to San Antonio Park, in Medellín’s city center to see the infamous Bird of Peace sculpture. Created by famous Colombina artist Fernando Botero, the sculpture was destroyed by a bomb in 1995, killing 23 people. The attack was staged by FARC, a Colombian revolutionary guerrilla group unconnected to Pablo Escobar. But the attack demonstrates the long road to stability and peace that Colombia faced in the aftermath of Escobar.

To end your tour, you’ll travel to Comuna 13, an over-populated, under-served and poor neighborhood used by Escobar in the 80s as a strategic corridor, and besieged by paramilitary forces in the 90s as part of terrifying 4-day attack known as “Operaton Orion.”

Here, you’ll see how social and urban innovation have transformed Medellín and given new life, new opportunities, and hope to the thousands of community members caught in the crossfires of history.

Comuna 13 is a hub of art and music in Medellín. Its roofs and walls are filled with street art that tells the history of this unwavering community and of hopes and dreams moving forward.

What’s Included

  • Hotel pick-up/drop-off and private transfer to all sites
  • Expert guide in the language of your preference
  • Entry tickets

Important Notes

Pablo Escobar is a complicated and divisive figure in Colombia. This Pablo Escobar history tour does not intend to highlight Escobar as a hero. Its purpose to provide context and history to an often over-simplified Hollywood character, and demonstrate Medellín’s efforts moving forward to overcome a horribly difficult past.


Medellín Antioquia, Colombia

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Medellín Antioquia, Colombia 6.244340, -75.573600

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