Suddenly sweating, I sat at a near full stop on my scooter behind a row of unmoving cars. It was an unwelcome change from my previous hour of driving, which was all downhill, mostly in the shade, and without traffic. Now, I was sputtering forward, a car length at a time, and trapped behind a truck that was almost pooping on me.

Quite literally. The truck in front of me was packed full of chickens, hunched in the squalid conditions you see in documentaries about animal abuse. Later, I would think more abstractly about their treatment and my responsibilities as a consumer, but at the moment, I simply focused on dodging poop.

Bali, Indonesia

Don’t get too close..

Butts forced up against the edge of the cages, the chickens had no option but to fire fecal projectiles behind their truck. Every other vehicle was only a few inches from the one in front of it, but I kept a healthy few feet between myself and the chicken truck. Amazingly, multiple scooters beeped and came around in front of me, squaring up in the Danger Zone and providing me a welcome buffer.

Lesson of the Day: Don’t get too close to the chicken truck.