Brook TroutIts been almost 3 years since I’ve been able to do some real stream fishing in the High Sierras and after plopping down over $100 for a new ultralight pole, some Panther Martins, and a license I was determined to catch something. I’ve always fished lower altitudes in the Sierras so I didn’t know what to expect

when me and buddy of mine hiked to an altitude of 8,000 to a spot just passed Horse Tail Falls near Tahoe, CA. The hike was brutal and treacherous, just how I like it as to keep the riff raff out with their bobbers and worms. Needless to say, we were not disappointed when we started hooking up fish as they were all beautiful High Sierra Brook Trout. I had never caught one of these before and was amazed by their markings. We decided to leave these these beauties in the same streams we found them, hopefully a little wiser as to not go for the next flashing piece of metal that goes by their faces.


High Sierra Brook Trout

Brook Trout High Sierra