Despite technically being an adult, I’m still a big fan of wearing tee shirts, and despite this debatable adult status, one of my favorite tee shirts from the past couple years has been my Thundercats shirt. I didn’t even watch the Thundercats as a child, but the logo is cool and the shirt comfortable, and it made my shortlist of clothing for this trip.

Which is why I’m upset, NAY, devastated that it’s gone.

I had my laundry done in Lima and received my clean load neatly folded into a plastic bag. This made it easy for me to stuff into my backpack, so I did, without inspecting the contents. ROOKIE MISTAKE. A day and an 8 hour bus ride later, I’m in a different department (region), holding up what is clearly a small female’s shirt. It is black like my Thundercats shirt and worn as a top, but the similarities end there.

Not quite the same

Not quite the same

Short, tight, and slightly translucent, it can only generously be called a ‘clothing option’ for me. I suppose if my goal was to show as much belly hair as possible, or give my arms limited mobility, this would be the best option. Otherwise, and since I’m not returning to Lima, I’m down a shirt.

My lessons here are 1) Inspect the bag of freshly cleaned laundry; 2) Never leave a fallen Thundercat behind.