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Recommendations for planning a trip to South America

You cannot begin your tour of the region without first knowing these recommendations for planning a trip to South America, since we have prepared for you a selection of the most useful and valuable advice that you can find on the internet. Continue reading and do not lose detail about it.

Recommendations that you should consider before traveling to South America

If you plan to tour South America, you cannot let yourself read these recommendations that we have prepared for you.

The distances in the various regions of South America are not the same as those of Europe

It is common that when visiting Europe you can travel up to four countries traveling by road for periods of 10 to 12 hours, however in South America the distances are much longer and even separate one city from another.

This should not be an impediment for you to visit South America, only that you should take it into account when planning your visit and your tours.

You won’t count on the train

In many European countries it is common to travel by train to travel long distances between one city and another and even between countries, however in South America trains do not interconnect nations and even in many countries, where there is a train, you can only take it to go from one specific city to another.

You can substitute the train option for the bus and all its variants, since road trips are very popular among the main countries of South America.

Asking for a ride is always an option in South America

If you are traveling alone or backpacking, you should take into account that hitchhiking is a viable alternative to travel by road between the main cities of a country, since many of them Truckers and even families traveling on vacation will be more than happy to give you a lift, thus saving you a great deal of money.

People in South America are a very valuable resource

One of the characteristics that define South Americans is their simplicity, receptivity and warmth, aspects that you should take into account when traveling to this region.

Try to be respectful of the culture, friendly, act in accordance with the law and take care of the environment of the places you visit, as long as you comply with all these premises, we are sure that the locals will provide you with all the help you need.

Each country in South America is different from the other

Although the warmth of its inhabitants is the same, you will immediately notice that there is a great diversity of landscapes, cultures, and gastronomy among the different countries that make up South America.

The idea is that you can take the necessary forecasts to travel to each country in particular, considering aspects such as culture, laws, climate, economy, means of transport, technology, gastronomy and any other resource that you may require. previous knowledge before embarking on your trip.

You will not be able to haggle in all countries

Currently the culture of haggling among tourists is very common, however not in all South American countries it is well seen. This reality implies that you must be careful when haggling with the locals of each nation, since in many cases they may be offended by this action and generate inconvenience.

Instead, we suggest you stick to the old phrase that says “wherever you go, do what you see”, so you will avoid inconveniences during your visit.

It is a myth that in South America it is hot all year round.

This point has a lot to do with the fact that each country is different, in addition to the fact that depending on the time of year you visit the town you may find one climate or another.

Remember that many of these countries are cold for most of the year and in others there is plenty of heat, so you should take the necessary precautions regarding your clothing and other relevant aspects, inherent to the climate.

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