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What to see in Venezuela?

Discover What to see in Venezuela? a country with enormous cultural wealth and that has a lot to offer to those who decide to visit it. Learn about the main Venezuelan destinations that you can visit during your vacations.

Venezuela, a tourist destination that has a lot to offer

Venezuela is a country that is located in South America, whose capital is the city of Caracas and that turns out to be very attractive for tourists, since it offers regions with snow-capped mountains, beaches, jungles, Llanos and various cities considered metropolises.

Destinations that you cannot stop seeing in Venezuela

Although in Venezuela there are endless destinations that you would probably like to visit during your vacations, there are some that tend to be more attractive to tourists.

El Avila National Park

Although it is also known as Cerro Guaraira Repano, it is an imposing mountain that frames the capital city of Venezuela. You can go up on foot if you are a lover of sports activities or enjoy a cable car ascent.

At the top of the mountain you can enjoy the views of the Humboldt Hotel, exclusive restaurants with national and international gastronomy, art exhibitions, artificial ice skating rink, national cultural shows and the receptivity of Venezuelans.

Morrocoy national park

Located in the Falcón state, this National Park is made up of a wide coastline and a variety of islets that you can visit. The beaches of the Morrocoy National Park are characterized by their white sand and crystal clear waters from the Caribbean Sea.

During your visit to the beaches of the Morrocoy National Park you will be able to taste the best of national gastronomy, local fishing products, walks and tours in the surroundings, snorkeling, canoeing and much more.

Hacienda La Trinidad cultural park

Within the city of Caracas, you can also visit this Hacienda dedicated to the production of cocoa, there you can not only observe the crops and various plant specimens representing the local flora, but you can also taste products from the Trinidad chocolate shop and the most delicious desserts that are sold in its facilities.

You will be able to sit down to enjoy the views while you relax in a green space, full of architectural and natural beauty in a perfect combination.

Birthplace of the Liberator

Located in the center of the capital city of Venezuela, is the birthplace of the liberator, currently converted into a museum that is visited daily by locals and tourists.

In the house where the liberator was born, everyday objects that Simón Bolívar used in his childhood and youth are exhibited, as well as various pieces of historical value for the country.

East Park

Also located in the capital city of Venezuela, is the popular Parque del Este, now renamed Parque Francisco de Miranda.

In this park you will be able to appreciate the diversity of native fauna and flora of Venezuela, visit the Leander ship of General Francisco de Miranda, visit the Planetarium and carry out various recreational activities in the open air.

University City of Caracas

Recognized as a cultural heritage of humanity, the university city of Caracas. Central University of Venezuela or UCV, is located in the city of Caracas and has great architectural beauty as well as cultural diversity.

When touring the wide expanse of its grounds, you will be able to visualize the different faculties that are found inside buildings with a particular architecture and numerous sculptures that are part of its appeal.

Mochima National Park

It is located between the states of Sucre and Anzoátegui in eastern Venezuela and is a particular area where you can enjoy the beach and the waters of the Caribbean Sea in complete tranquility, thanks to the fact that it is framed by various mountains, it lacks waves and its waters are extremely crystal clear.

In the Mochima National Park you can enjoy a good bath in the Caribbean waters, a radiant sun, delicious typical food from eastern Venezuela and the warmth and receptivity of those who offer their tourist services in the region.

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