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For Operators
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Why Sell Through Keteka?

More Bookings

Allow Customers to Book Online

Protect Your Margins

Keteka travelers are responsible, curious, and adventurous, and are looking for tour operators that can give them the most authentic travel experience possible. We allow them to find and book your tours online, without affecting your margins. We’re also starting small and focusing on quality, which means your communications with us won’t be neglected, ignored, or disregarded. We’re looking forward to featuring your tour Keteka!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Do I Have to Pay?

    Nothing. We charge a premium to the customer for the convenience and safety of booking ahead of time, which means you, the operator, get to keep that revenue you work so hard for.

  • How and When Do I Get Paid?

    We’ll take the entire payment from the traveler, then send you your money according to your preferred method of receiving payment – whether it be direct transfer, PayPal, Western Union, or another method. We will send the money within 24 hours of completion of the tour.

  • What’s the Traveler’s Booking Process?

    When a traveler books a tour, we confirm it with you before we take their money, to make sure you don’t end up double-booked.

  • What If the Traveler Doesn’t Show Up?

    If the traveler does not show up and does not cancel within the standard cancellation parameters (more than 24 hours in advance), you will receive full payment for the tour.

  • Where Do I Sign Up?

    Send an email to to get started!